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1. 其后通常接介词for,表示渴望某事物或急切想要某事物。如:

He was eager for a quick cure. 他急于赶快治好。

有时也后接介词about或after,但不如用 for普通。如:

He is eager for [after, about] success. 他渴望成功。

2. 表示渴望做某事,其后接不定式。如:

He is always eager to win. 他总是求胜心切。

They all rushed over, eager to help. 他们都跑了过来急于帮助。

有时可后接不定式的复合结构,即后接for sb to do sth。如:

She’s eager for us to see her work. 她热切希望我们看到她的活儿。

3. 可后接 that 从句,但从句谓语一般用“should+动词原形”这样的虚拟语气。如:

He’s eager that they (should) come to see him. 他很希望他们来看他。


He is eager for them to come to see him. 他很希望他们来看他。