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in brief 简言之,总之

In brief, it has been an exciting day. 总之,这一天过得很带劲。

In brief, he was happy with the result. 简言之,他对这个结果感到高兴。

in common 共有的,共用的

The two sisters have a bike in common. 俩姐妹共用一辆自行车。

The swimming pool is used in common by all the children. 这个游泳池由所有的孩子共用。

【注】该短语主要用于have sth in common(有共同的某种特点)这一搭配中。如:

We don’t have much in common. 我们没有多少共同之处。

John and I have nothing in common. 约翰与我没有共同之处。

Real friends should have everything in common. 真正的朋友应该在各方面都有相通之处。

in earnest 认真的(地),正经的(地)

It’s beginning to snow in earnest. 雪真的下起来了。

I’m sure he was in earnest when he said he wanted to marry her. 我相信他说想娶她是真心实意的。

in full 全部地,全面地,无省略地

Please write your name in full. 请写出你的全名。

We accomplished the task in full. 我们圆满地完成了任务。

in general一般说来,大体上

In general the plan is good. 总的说来这个计划是好的。

In general her work has been good, but this essay is dreadful. 总的说来,她的作品不错,不过这篇文章糟透了。


Children in general are fond of candy. 小孩子多半都喜欢吃糖。

People in general don’t do things like that. 人们多半不会那样做。

in particular 特别,尤其

Why did you choose that one in particular? 你为什么特别挑选了那一个?

I noticed her eyes in particular, because they were very large. 我特别注意到了她的眼睛,因为她的眼睛很大。

in private 私下地,秘密地

She asked to see him in private. 她请求单独与他见面。

I wish to talk with you in private. 我希望能私下跟你谈谈。

in public 公开地,当众

He is nervous in public. 他在公开场合很紧张。

Such things mustn’t be discussed in public. 这种事不可在公众场合讨论。

in secret 秘密地,偷偷地

I was told about it in secret. 有人偷偷地告诉了我。

The negotiations were conducted in secret. 谈判是秘密进行的。

【注】该短语主要起副词作用,在句中用作状语,而带有定冠词的in the secret(知道秘密的,了解内情的)则主要起形容词作用。如:

Is he in the secret? 他知道内情吗?

in short 总之,简言之:

In short, he is a cheat. 总之,他是个骗子。

In short, the dictionary is very useful. 总之,这本字典很有用。

in vain 徒然地(的),无结果地(的)

We protested in vain. 我们抗议无效。

All our work was in vain. 我们的一切工作都毫无结果。