content, contented, satisfied的区别

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content, contented, satisfied的区别

content, contented, satisfied这三个词的共同意思是“满足的,满意的”,其区别是:

1. content 表示“甘心的,甘愿的”;contented指安于现状已无他求,有“知足”的意味;satisfied表示某事完全满足了个人的欲望需要或要求,有积极愉快的意味在内。

2. content多用作表语,后面可接不定式;contented可用作表语或定语;satisfied多用作表语,很少作定语。


Now that she has apologized, I am content. 既然她已经道了歉,我也就满意了。

I am very much content with my life at present. 我对目前的生活心满意足。

She is quite content to live at home with her parents. 她十分满足于和她的父母住在家里。

A contented person does not create progress. 满足的人不能进步。

Tom was a lazy boy. He just passed the exam and was contented with the marks he got. 汤姆是个懒家伙,他只满足于考试的分数刚好通过。

We are satisfied with the smoothness of the negotiation. 我们对谈判的顺利进行很满意。