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1. 表示“害怕的”“紧张的”,通常用于说明人。如:

She looked nervous. 她看起来很紧张。

He felt nervous each time she spoke to him. 每次她和他讲话,他都感到紧张。


She gave a nervous laugh. 她胆怯地一笑。

The speaker gave a nervous cough. 演说的人紧张得咳嗽了一声。

I am ready to have a nervous breakdown. 我马上就要精神崩溃了。

With nervous fingers I opened the letter. 我用紧张的手指把信打开。

2. 表示对某事感到紧张或害怕等,通常用与介词 about, of 连用。如:

Don’t be nervous (about it). The doctor will help you. 医生会帮助你的。

We’re nervous about [of] our first trip abroad. 我们对初次出国旅行感到很紧张。

He’s nervous about [of] staying alone at night. 他害怕晚上一个人呆着。