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所谓-ed形容词,就是指以后缀-ed结尾的形容词,如amused, amazed, annoyed, astonished, bored, delighted, disappointed, excited, frightened, inspired, interested, moved, pleased, puzzled, shocked, terrified, surprised, worried等,这类形容词通常用于说明人,不用于说明事物。如:

She has an amused twinkle in her eye(s). 她高兴得双目熠熠发亮。

All who heard the story were amazed. 听到这个故事的人都感到吃惊。

The membership is [are] very annoyed at your suggestion. 会员们对你的建议甚为恼火。

I was astonished when I heard the hospital had burnt down. 当我听到那所医院被烧毁时,我大为惊讶。

I’m bored by history—dates and battles and all that stuff. 我让历史科给烦透了——那些日期、战争之类的事。

He was so delighted that the tears came into his eyes. (D32) 他是那样高兴,他眼中有了泪水。

My parents will be disappointed in[with] me if I fail in the exam. 要是我考试不及格,我父母会对我感到失望的。

The audience is [are] always very excited by a wonderful goal. 一个精彩的进球总会使观众们非常激动。

Tina was frightened, but she stayed calm. 蒂娜吓了一跳,但仍保持镇静。

Inspired by her example, other zoologists have begun working with apes in the wild. 受她的事例的激励,其他动物学家开始了对野生大猩猩的研究。

If you are interested please communicate with us. 如有兴趣请和我们联系。

We were moved to pity by her suffering. 我们受她的痛苦所感动而产生同情。

I’m really pleased with your progress. 对你的进步我确实感到很高兴。

He has a habit of biting his lips when he is puzzled. 他感到困惑时有咬嘴唇的习惯。

I was shocked to see how ill he was. 看到他病得这么重,我很吃惊。

I was shocked that she didn’t invite Phyllis. 她没有邀请菲利斯,我感到吃惊。

I’m terrified of heights. 我极其害怕登高。

The child was terrified of being left alone in the house. 那孩子因被单独留在家里而害怕。

He had a surprised expression on his face. 他脸上露出了惊讶的表情。

I was worried about the hotel bill, but in the event I had enough money to pay. 我一直担心旅馆的费用, 结果我的钱足够。

二、-ing 形容词

所谓-ing形容词,就是指以后缀-ing结尾的形容词,如amusing, amazing, annoying, astonishing, boring, disappointing, exciting, frightening, inspiring, interesting, moving, puzzling, shocking, surprising, terrifying, worrying等,主要用于说明事物,表示事物的性质或特征。如:

She is amusing to be with. 和她在一起很有意思。

I have an amusing piece of news to tell you. 我有一条很有趣的消息告诉你。

It is amazing how one can conceive such an idea. 能想出这样的主意是令人惊异的。

It is annoying, but I can’t be bothered to go to the trouble of making an official complaint. 这很令人讨厌,但我没有工夫去作出正式的投诉。

It was astonishing to everybody that the court had made such a decision. 法庭作出这样的判决,所有人都感到很惊讶。

What a boring book! 多没意思的书啊!

I think his lecture is boring. 我认为他的讲演令人厌烦。

Losing both the Cup and the League is doubly disappointing. 在杯赛和联赛中双双失败真是令人失望透顶。

Watching the basketball match between the two teams was really exciting. 观看这两个球队的篮球赛实在是激动人心。

Fierce animals, such as the lion and bear, are very frightening when they attack. 像狮子和熊一类的猛兽在进攻时是很可怕的。

While the work was difficult, it was interesting. 虽然工作有难度,但很有趣。

I still remember the inspiring talk you gave us. 我还记得你给我们作的鼓舞人心的讲话。

The book is at once interesting and instructive. 这本书既有趣,又有教益。

The situation was puzzling. 形势令人迷惑不解。

His views are shocking to me. 他的观点令我震惊。

The failure of the bank was shocking news. 银行的倒闭是令人震惊的消息。

It’s surprising that you haven’t met. 真想不到你们未见过面。

What you’ve told me is very surprising. 你给我讲的情况令人惊讶。

Being lost can be a terrifying experience. 迷路可能是一种很可怕的经历。

The disappearance of a schoolgirl was very worrying among the teachers. 一个小学女生失踪了,教师们非常担忧。


The man is very terrified. 这个人很害怕。

The man is very terrifying. 这个人很恐怖。


say sth in a disappointed voice 以一种失望的声音说某事(意指:发出这种voice的人感到失望,但听到这种voice的人并不一定失望)

say sth in a disappointing voice 以一种令人失望的声音说(意指:这种 voice 令听话人失望,但发出这种voice的人不一定失望)

He was very disappointing. 他很令人失望。

He was very disappointed. 他自己感到很失望。