expensive 与 dear的用法区别

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expensive dear的用法区别

1. 两者都可表示“昂贵的”:expensive 通常指物美价高, 非购买者财力所能及;dear 主要指普通日用品因暂时的供应不足而造成的价格上涨。如:

It is expensive to stay in that hotel. 住那家旅馆很贵。

Living in the country is less expensive than in the city. 住在乡间比住在城里花钱少。

He gives expensive gifts to his family for Christmas. 他给家里人买昂贵的圣诞礼物。

Bananas are very dear this week. 这个星期香蕉很贵。

2. 两者虽然都表示“贵”,但主要用于说明具体的事物,而不用于说明 price,如“这外套太贵”译成英语不能是:The price of the coat is too expensive. 可改为:The coat is too expensive. / The price of the coat is too high.