various 与 different 的用法区别

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various different 的用法区别

1.different 表示“不同的”,指的可能是种类不同、不相像、不一样、不是同一个等,强调“异”。如:

Mary and Jane are quite different. 玛丽与简大不一样。

This book is different from that one. 这本书与那本书不一样。

This is not what I want; I want a different one. 我要的不是这个,我要一个不同的。

2. various 表示“各种各样的”、“各不相同的”等,主要指彼此不同且种类繁多,强调“异”而“多”。如:

There are various ways of cooking an egg. 鸡蛋有各种各样的煮法。

There’s been snow today in various parts of the country. 今天全国各地都下了雪。


He gave various reasons (= a number of different reasons) for being late. 他为自己的迟到举出了种种理由。

This time he gave different reasons (= not the same as last time) for his being late. 这次他为自己的迟到举出了不同的理由。

注:由于 various 不仅强调“异”而且强调“多”,所以其后接的名词通常用复数;而 different 强调的只是“异”而不是“多”,所以其后的名词可以是单数或复数。