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1. 总是修饰复数名词或单独使用表示复数意义,用修饰主语或单独用作主语时,谓语动词要用复数。如:

Several (of them) were broken.(它们当中)有几个破了。

Several people were injured. 有几个人受了伤。

2. 一般不与 only 连用,遇此情况可用 a few。如:


误:Only several of the children in this class like maths.

正:Only a few of the children in this class like maths.

3. 与 other, such, more 等连用,通常要置于其前。如:

Can you give several other examples? 你能再举几个例子吗?

You can meet several such people in one day. 一天之中你可碰到好几个这样的人。

He is expected to remain in hospital for several more days. 他还需在医院多住几天。

4. 用作形形词时还有一个意思是“各自的”“不同的”,此时通常与物主代词或定冠词连用。如:

They said goodbye and went their several ways. 他们道别后就各自走了。

We are striving to reach an agreement which will satisfy the several interests of the parties concerned. 我们正在努力达成一个能满足有关各方各自利益的协议。


The cough was one of her several nervous habits. 咳嗽是紧张时的几个习惯性表现之一。

He fumbled with the several locks on his door. 他笨手笨脚地打开门上的几把锁。