to one’s n. 短语完全归纳

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to one’s n. 短语完全归纳

to one’s advantage 对……有利

The present world situation is to our advantage. 目前世界形势对我们有利。

You will find it to your advantage to go to the country for a change. 你会发现到乡间去换换空气对你是有好处的。

to one’s amazement 令某人好笑的是

To my great amusement his false beard fell off. 使我感到极其好笑的是,他的假胡子掉了下来。

to one’s annoyance 令某人烦恼的是

He broke it, greatly to my annoyance. 他打破了那东西,这使我非常气恼。

To his annoyance, he discovered they hadn’t waited. 他发现他们没有等他而感到十分烦恼。

To her great disappointment and annoyance, she failed in the English examination again. 使她极为失望和苦恼的是,她的英语考试又没有及格。

to one’s astonishment 令某人吃惊的是

To my astonishment it had completely disappeared. 使我惊讶的是它消失得无影无踪。

To his no small astonishment the woman began to laugh. 使他吃惊不小的是这个女人竟开始笑了起来。

to one’s delight令某人高兴的是

To our great delight the day turned out fine. 使我们感到十分高兴的是,天气转晴了。

To his delight his novel was accepted for publication. 使他大为高兴的是,他的小说被接受出版了。

to one’s disappointment 令某人失望的是

To his great disappointment, she wasn’t on the train. 令他大大失望的是她不在那列火车上。

To my great disappointment I failed to get the job. 我得不到那份工作,大为失望。

to one’s embarrassment 令某人困窘的是

To her embarrassment, she couldn’t remember his name. 令她感到困窘的是,她记不起他的名字了。

to one’s entertainment 使某人觉得好玩的是

He fell in the water, much to the entertainment of the children. 他掉进水里,逗得孩子们乐不可支。

to one’s face 当着某人的面

I am so angry that I’ll tell him to his face what I think of him. 我气得要当面把我对他的想法告诉他。

to one’s heart’s content 尽情地

He is retired now and plays golf to his heart’s content. 他现在退休了,可以尽情地打高尔夫球了。

On Halloween the children ate candy to their hearts’ content. 万圣节前夕孩子们吃糖果吃了个够。

to one’s horror 使某人恐惧的是

To her horror she saw him fall. 她看见他跌下而惊恐万分。

I discovered to my horror that my passport was missing. 使我惊恐的是,我发现我的护照不见了。

to one’s indignation 令某人愤慨的是

To my deep indignation, he pretended not to know about it. 使我十分愤慨的是,他假装不了解此事。


to one’s joy 使某人高兴的是

To our joy, we succeeded at last. 使我们高兴的是我们最后成功了。

To her surprise and joy, she was awarded first prize. 使她又惊又喜的是,她获得了一等奖。

to one’s knowledge 就某人所知;确知属实

To my knowledge, she has never been late before. 据我所知,她从未迟到过。

That is impossible, because to my knowledge he was in France at the time. 那不可能,因为我知道那时他在法国。

【注】有时也说to the best of one’s knowledge。如:

To the best of my knowledge she is still living there. 就我所知,她还在那里住。

He has never been late to the best of my knowledge. 据我所知他从未迟到过。

to one’s liking 合……的胃口,合……的意

He found country life much to his liking. 他感到乡村生活很合他的意。

Is your haircut to your liking? 你的发式称你的心吗?

to one’s mind 依某人之见,合某人的心意

To my mind he’s extremely offensive. 照我看来,他是极为无礼的。

To my mind the arrangement is ideal. 依我看这个安排很理想。

to one’s regret 使某人感到遗憾的是

Much to my regret, I must leave you now. 非常遗憾,我得向你告别了。

Greatly to my regret, I cannot attend the party. 很可惜的是,我无法参加聚会。

to one’s relief 使人放心的是

To my great relief, I wasn’t late. 我最庆幸的是没有迟到。

Much to my relief, he is safe now. 使我感到十分欣慰的是,他现已平安无事了。

to one’s satisfaction 使某人满意的是

To my satisfaction, my son passed the exam. 使我感到满足的是,我儿子通过了考试。

The work was done to his own satisfaction, but in my opinion it was badly done. 这工作他做得很满意,但在我看来,却是做得很糟。

to one’s shame 使某人惭愧的是

To my shame I never thanked him for him kindness. 我感到惭愧的是对他的好意我从未表示过感谢。

To our shame we offered no alternative to them. 惭愧的是我们没有给他们任何选择的余地。

to one’s sorrow 使某人难过的是

I learned to my sorrow that he was killed in the accident. 我获悉他在事故中丧生而深感悲痛。

to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是

To my surprise, she didn’t like the idea. 使我吃惊的是,她不赞成这个主意。

To my surprise, he failed to turn up. 使我惊奇的是他没有露面。

to one’s taste 合某人的口味,称某人的心

The soup is quite to my taste. 这汤很合我的口味。

This kind of writing is not to everyone’s taste. 这类文章不是人人都爱看的。