except, except for与 except-clause的区别

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except, except for except-clause的区别

1. exceptexcept for的区别

except表示“除……外,不再有”,常用于同类事物排除,且不用于句首;except for 表示部分与整体的关系,“如无……就”、“只是……”,用于非同类事物排除,可用于句首。如:

Every one of us, except Jim, went to watch the basketball match. 除吉姆外,我们都去观看了篮球比赛。

Except for one old lady, the bus was empty. 公共汽车上要不是坐了一位老太太就是空的。

2. except后接从句的用法

expcet后可接that, what, when等引导的从句。如:

He has not changed at all except that he is no longer so talkative. 他一点也没变,只是不像以前那样爱说话了。

He’s good-looking except when he smiles. 他长得不错,可一笑就不行了。

He told his parents everything except why he needed so much money. 他把一切都告诉他父母了,只是没有告诉他们他为什么要那么多钱。