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1. except+名词

She eats everything except fish. 她什么都吃,但不包括鱼。

He gets up early every day except Sunday. 除星期日外他每天早起。

2. except+代词

Everybody is down on me except you. 除了你大家都看不起我。

Everybody except him can come. 除了他,别人全都能来。

3. except+副词

I looked everywhere except there. 除了那儿,我到处都看过了。

Peter has been always present except quite recently. 除了最近几天之外,彼特经常出席。

4. except+介词短语

No admittance except on business. 非公莫入。

We went nowhere except to school. 除了学校,我们哪儿也没有去。

He seldom went anywhere except to the workshop. 他除了到车间哪儿也不去。

5. except+不定式

It had no effect except to make him angry. 这除了使他生气没有别的作用。

She seldom goes out except to go to Mass. 除了去做弥撒她很少出去。

6. except+动词原形

I can do everything except cook. 除了做饭我什么事都会做。

I could do nothing except agree. 我除了同意,没有别的办法。

7. except+动名词

As he grew older he lost interest in everything except gardening. 他年纪越来越大, 除了喜欢园艺以外, 对一切都失去了兴趣。

She’s not interested in anything except skiing. 她除了对滑雪感兴趣,对别的什么都不感兴趣。

8. except+that从句

He has not changed at all except that he is no longer so talkative. 他一点也没变,只是不像以前那样爱说话了。

She remembered nothing about him except that his hair was black. 她对他什么都不记得,只记得他的头发是黑的。

This suit fits me well except that the trousers ale too long. 除了裤子太长,这套衣服我穿很合适。

9. except+if从句

I’ll take the job except if the pay is too low. 除非工资太低,否则我会接受这一工作的。

10. except+what从句

He has nothing now except what we owe him. 除了我们欠他的钱外,他现在是一无所有了。

I know nothing about it except what I read in the paper. 除了我从报上看到的东西外,我对此一无所知。

11. except+when从句

I'm as good a cook as she is except when it comes to (making) pastry. 我做饭做得和她一样好, 就是不会做油酥馅饼。

The old lady never spoke to anyone except when someone came to visit her. 老太太从来不跟任何人说话,除非有人来探望她。

12. except+where从句

My papers seem to be everywhere except where they ought to be. 我的文件似乎完全不在它们应该放置的地方。

13. except+why从句

I understand everything except why she killed him. 我一切都明白,只是不理解她为什么把他杀死了。

He told his parents everything except why he needed so much money. 他把一切都告诉他父母了,只是没有告诉他们他为什么要那么多钱。