for sale 与 on sale 的区别

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for sale on sale 的区别

有读者朋友在问答栏问for sale 与 on sale 的区别,我们特请本站特约作者刘青沅先生写此短文辨析如下:

for sale 的意思是“待售”“供出售”,即“用于出售”。请体会下面的句子:

That chair is not for sale. 那把椅子是非卖品。

I’m sorry, it’s not for sale. 抱歉,这个不卖。

We don’t want our car anymore; it is for sale. 我们的汽车不想要了,供出售。

These items are just for show—they’re not for sale.  这些物品仅供展览——不卖。

Car for sale:one careful owner, low mileage. 售车:车主用车仔细,行驶里程数少。

Note the “For Sale” signs in front of many of the houses. 注意许多住房前面的“此房出售”标记。

The company was put up for sale yesterday in a shock move by management. 资方作出惊人之举,竟在昨天要出售公司。

on sale 有两个意思:

▲一是表示“出售”,与for sale不同,它表示的是“进入销售环节”“处于被销售的状态”。如:

Tickets are on sale from the booking office. 售票处正在售票。

All tickets go on sale this Friday. 所有票在本星期五开始销售。

The new stamps are now on sale at main post offices. 新邮票现在各大邮局有售。

This week’s edition is on sale now at your local newsagents. 本期周刊已公开发售,读者可向各报贩购买。

The government will put on sale a special issue of coins today. 政府将于今天出售特别发行的硬币。


Bedding usually goes on sale in January. 床上用品通常在一月份降价出售。

All video equipment is on sale today and tomorrow. 今明两天所有录像设备降价销售。

He was looking for a TV and found one on sale. 他正想买电视机,结果找到了一台特价的。

I bought this coat on sale, for $20 less than the original price. 我大减价时买到这件大衣,它比原价降低20美元。