“in the+名词+of”类复合介词

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in the+名词+of”类复合介词

比较典型的“in the+名词+of”类复合介词有以下一些:

1. in the absence of 缺乏,不在,无……时

In the absence of anybody more experienced, I took command. 由于找不到其他更有经验的人,只好由我来指挥。

I was obliged to accept it as true in the absence of other evidence. 我在缺乏其它证据的情况下只好把它看成真的。

2. in the act of 正在做……时

In the act of picking up the ball, he slipped and fell. 他在拣球时滑了一跤。

I caught him in the act of reading my private letters. 他正在读我的私人信件时,被我当场抓住了。

3. in the case of  就……来说,至于……

Poverty depresses most people; in the case of my father it was otherwise. 贫困使多数人消沉,但我父亲却并不这样。

Climate is especially important in the case of articles that are readily affected by moisture. 对容易受潮的商品来说,气候因素特别重要。

4. in the direction of  朝……方向

A woman was seen running in the direction of the station. 有人看见一名女子朝着车站的方向奔去。

Those with book learning must develop in the direction of practice. 有书本知识的人应该向实践方面发展。

5. in the event of 如果发生……,万一

In the event of rain, the party will be held indoors. 如果天下雨,聚会在室内进行。

In the event of fire, leave the building as quickly as possible. 遇上了火灾,应尽快离开大厦。

6. in the eyes of 有……看来

In the eyes of the public, the price is too high. 在公众看来,物价太高了。

In her father’s eyes she can do no wrong. 在她父亲的眼里,她是不会做错事的。

7. in the face of 在……面前,不顾

He was brave in the face of danger. 面对危险他表现得很勇敢。

In the face of great hardship, she managed to keep her sense of humor. 面对极大的困苦,她仍设法保持幽默感。

7. in the form of 以……的形式

The novel is cast in the form of a diary. 这部小说是以日记的形式写的。

Our soundings are displayed in the form of a graph. 我们的调查结果已用图表列出。

8. in the habit of 有……的习惯

I am in the habit of brushing my teeth twice daily. 我习惯每天刷两次牙。

I’m not in the habit of lending money, but I’ll make an exception in this case. 我通常没有借钱给人的习惯,但这一回我会破例。

9. in the hope of 希望……,期待……

She lived in the hope of seeing one of her sons succeed. 她生活的寄托就是期望儿子当中有人能出人头地。

I called in the hope of finding her at home. 我希望她能在家才给她打的电话。

10. in the name of 以……的名义,代表……,看在……上

In the name of the King, I arrest you. 我以国王的名义逮捕你。

In the name of love, stop it. 看在爱的分上,别再这样做了。

(11) in the neighbourhood of 在……附近,大约

She lives in the neighbourhood of a shopping centre. 她住在一个商店区的附近。

She was paid in the neighbourhood of 3000 dollars for the damage. 她得到约3000美元的赔偿金。