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1. in advance of 在……前面

He is far in advance of his class. 他在班上遥遥领先。

Galileo’s ideas were well in advance of the age in which he lived. 伽利略的思想远远超越了他所生活的时代。

2. in case of 一旦,如果;以防

In case of fire, walk quickly to the nearest door. 如果失火,就赶快朝最近的门跑。

The wall was built along the river in case of floods. 沿河筑了防护墙以防洪水。

3. in charge of 指挥,管理,负责照料

He was fined for being drunk in charge of a car. 他因酒醉驾车被罚款。

He was left in charge of the shop while the manager was away. 经理不在时,他负责这个商店。

4. in course of 在……过程中,在……时,在进行中

The house is in course of construction. 该房子正在施工中。

In course of sinking the well-shaft they came upon a deposit of a very rare mineral. 他们在凿井的过程中,发现了一处稀有矿物矿床。

5. in danger of  有……的危险

The tiger is in danger of becoming extinct. 虎有灭绝的危险。

These goods are in danger of robbery. 这些货物有被盗的危险。

6. in defence of 保卫,保护,为……辩护

They took up arms in defence of their country. 他们拿起武器保卫祖国。(K)

More and more women today have learned to arise in defence of their legal rights. 现在越来越多的妇女学会起来保护她们的合法权利。(K)

7. in favour of 赞成……,以……为受款人。如:

On the whole, I am in favour of the proposal. 总的来说,我赞成这个提议。

Cheques should be written in favour of Oxfam. 支票上请写明以牛津饥荒救济委员会为受款人。

8. in front of 在……前面;当……的面,有……在场

A van was parked right in front of my car. 一辆货车正好停在我的汽车面前。

You shouldn’t use such bad language in front of the children. 在孩子们面前,你不应该说这种粗话。

9. in memory of 纪念……

He founded the charity in memory of his late wife. 他兴办那项慈善事业以纪念他已故的妻子。

She set up the charitable trust in memory of her father. 她设立了慈善信托基金以纪念她的父亲。

10. in need of 需要……

The doctor says I am in need of a holiday. 医生说我需要休假。

He was tired and hungry, and badly in need of a bath. 他又累又饿,并且急需洗个澡。

11. in place of 代替。如:

Who is here in place of the manager? 谁在这里代理经理?

In place of our advertised programme we will be showing a film. 我们将放映一部电影来代替广告节目。

12. in possession of 占有,持有,拥有

Anyone found in possession of this poison will be punished. 凡是被发现拥有此种毒药者均将受到惩罚。

Their opponents were in possession of the ball for most of the match. 他们的对手在比赛的大部分时间里控制着球。

13. in search of 寻找,寻求

She went into the kitchen in search of a drink. 她进了厨房,想找点喝的。

Many people had left their homes to go in search of food. 许多人离开家园去寻觅食物。

14. in spite of 尽管

I like him despite his shortcomings. 尽管他有一些缺点,但我还是喜欢他。

Despite its obvious shortcomings, the plan was accepted by the government. 尽管计划有明显的缺陷,政府还是接受了。

15. in terms of 用……的字眼,从……的观点,就……而言

Let each child read in terms of his own tastes and choices. 让每个孩子阅读根据自己的兴趣爱好选择的书籍。

The job is great in terms of salary, but it has its disadvantages. 就薪水而言,这个工作倒是挺不错的,但也有一些不利之处。

16. in addition to 除……外

Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet. 约翰医生强调不仅要改变饮食还要锻炼身体。

In addition to giving a general introduction to computers, the course also provides practical experience. 课程除了大致介绍电脑知识外,还提供实际操作的机会。

17. in exchange for 用……作为交换。如:

Tom gave Helen an apple in exchange for a piece of cake. 汤姆用一个苹果与海伦换一块蛋糕。

The unions bargained away their rights in exchange for a small pay rise. 工会牺牲了他们的权利以换取增加少量的工资。