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at the age of 在……岁时  

I left school at the age of 18. 我中学毕业时18岁。

He got married at the age of 28. 他28岁时结婚。

【注】at the age of 有时也略成at age。如:

She reads books already at age five. 她5岁已能读书了。

At age 70, he retired and moved to Florida. 他70岁退休,并搬到佛罗里达州。

at the beginning of 在……开始时

The war broke out at the beginning of the 20th century. 战争爆发于20世纪之初。

At the beginning of a book there is often a table of contents. 在一本书的开头常常有个目录。

【注】若没有介词of,at the beginning则表示“在开始时”。如:

He didn’t like it at the beginning. 开始他并不喜欢它。

at the bottom of 在……的底部,在……的尽头,在……的最后;是……的原因

Sign your name at the bottom of the page. 请在这页的最后签上你的名字。

We grow vegetables at the bottom of our garden. 我们在花园的尽头种蔬菜。

He is at the bottom of the class. 他在班上排名最后。

Wine is at the bottom of his illness. 饮酒是他生病的根本原因。

【注】若没有介词of,at the bottom则表示“在底部”“在最后”等。如:

He fell down the stairs, landing in a heap at the bottom. 他从楼梯上摔下来,直跌到楼梯底部滚成一团。

at the cost of 以……为代价

He finished the work at the cost of his health. 他把工作完成了,但身体却垮了。

He saved his daughter from the fire, but only at the cost of his own life. 他从大火中救出他女儿,但却牺牲了自己的生命。  

at the end of 在……的末端(末尾)

At the end of the street you’ll find the hospital. 在街的尽头,你可以找到那家医院。

The crowd stood up and cheered at the end of the concert. 音乐会结束的时候,人群起立欢呼。

【注】若没有介词of,at the end则表示“在最后”“在末尾”等。如:

I think the film is a bit weak at the end. 我认为这部电影的末尾差一些。  

at the expense of 以……为代价;由……出钱

He devoted his time to football at the expense of his studies. 他把时间花在踢足球上而影响了学习。

He travelled at the expense of the state. 他用国家的钱旅行。

at the foot of 在……的脚下(末端)

At the foot of the mountain there was an inn. 山脚下有家客栈。

Spare blankets lay at the foot of each bed. 每张床的床尾都放有备用毛毯。  

at the mention of 一提到……就

He brightened up at the mention of wine. 一提到有酒他就面露喜色。

He pales at the mention of these things. 一提到这些事他就脸色发白。

at the mercy of 任由……摆布或控制

The ship was at the mercy of the storm. 船在暴风雨中失去控制。

She was not free of him and was at his mercy. 她还没有摆脱他,还受他的控制。

at the peak of 在……的顶峰

She’s at the peak of her career. 她正处于她事业的顶峰。

She was at the peak of her playing career when she injured herself. 她受伤时正处于运动事业的顶峰。

at the point of 正要,在……之际

We were at the point of going when he arrived. 他到达时我们正要离开。


He is on the point of breathing his last. 他快要断气了。

I was on the point of going to bed when you rang. 你来电话时我正要睡觉。

at the rate of 以……的比例,以……的速度

You will be paid at the rate of $10 a day. 你将获得每天10美元的工资。

We drove at the rate of 30 miles an hours. 我们以每小时30英里的速度行驶。  

at the request of 应……的请求

He came at our request. 他是应我们的请求来的。

He was writing at the request of Mr. Liu. 他是应刘先生的请求写信的。

at the risk of 冒着……的危险

He saved the girl at the risk of his life. 他冒着生命危险抢救那女孩。

He told me the news at the risk of losing his job. 他冒着丢饭碗的危险告诉了我这个消息。  

at the sight of 一看到……就

At the sight of the chicks down flew the eagle. 看到小鸡,老鹰一下子飞了下来。

Father was happy at the sight of the car after we cleaned it. 爸爸看见了我们擦过的车非常高兴。


At (the) sight of the police officers the men ran off. 那些人一看到警官就跑掉了。

at the thought of 一想到……就

I felt uneasy at the thought of that. 一想到那事我就不安。

He boggled at the thought of swimming in winter. 他想到要在冬天游泳就有些犹豫。  

at the top of 在……的上部,以最大的(声音或速度),处于最前面

Write your name at the top of the page. 把你的名字写在纸上头。

The boy ran at the top of his speed. 这男孩拼命地跑。

Mike is at the top of his class. 迈克在班上名列前茅。