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act on [upon] 照……行事;对……起作用;按照……行动

The medicine acted on his fever at once. 这药立刻使他退了烧。

The police are acting on information received. 警察正根据得到的情报采取行动。

agree on [upon] 同意;达成协议  

He agreed on helping us. 他同意帮助我们。

Both sides agreed on these terms. 双方都同意这些条件。

Can we agree on a price (a date)? 我们能不能商定一个价格(日期)?

blame … on 把……归咎于(某人)

He blamed his failure on his teacher. 他把他的失败归咎于老师。

They blamed the accident on me. 他们把事故归咎于我。

call on [upon] 拜访,看望

I called on Mr Green. 我拜访了格林先生。

I shall call on him tomorrow. 我明天要去看望他。

concentrate on [upon] 聚精会神,全神贯注

She couldn’t concentrate on a book very long. 她不能长时间聚精会神地读书。

He concentrated himself upon his work. 他全神贯注干他的工作。

congratulate … on 因……而祝贺;因……庆幸

I congratulated him on passing his driving test. 我祝贺他驾驶考试及格。

She congratulated herself on her narrow escape. 她为她的九死一生自我庆幸。

count on [upon] 指望,依赖

Can I count on your help? 我能仰仗你的协助吗?

You can’t count on Tom being punctual. 你不要指望汤姆会守时。

dawn on 渐渐被理解,渐渐(使人)明白

It dawned on me that Joanna had been right all along. 我慢慢明白,原来乔安娜一直是对的。

After the hint she gave, it dawned on me that she was expecting a present. 经她一暗示,我恍然大悟,原来她是在盼着一件礼物。

decide on [upon] 对……作出决定,选定

She decided on the red shoes. 她决定要买那双红鞋。

They decided upon adjourning the session. 他们决定休会。

depend on [upon] 依靠

You cannot depend on your parents forever. 你不能永远依靠你的父母。

Our organization depends on donations from the public. 我们的机构依靠公众的捐助。

experiment on 对(用)……进行实验(做实验)

He experimented on rats. 他用老鼠做实验。

Many people disapprove of scientists who experiment on animals. 许多人不赞成科学家在动物身上做实验。

feed (…) on 用……喂养,以……为主食

He often feeds a dog on meat. 他常用肉喂狗。

Cows feed on hay during the winter. 牛在冬天吃干草。

get on 登上;应付;过日子

The bus came and we got on. 公共汽车来了,我们就上了车。

I am afraid I didn’t get on very well in the exam. 我这次考试恐怕不太顺利。

hit on [upon] 忽然想到,想出

She hit on a marvelous idea. 她忽然想到一个妙主意。

At last we hit upon a way of dealing with this problem. 最终我们想出了一个办法来解决这一问题。

improve on [upon] 对……作出改进,比……更好

I am unable to improve on his suggestion. 我提不出比他更好的建议了。

I think the film improved upon the book. 依我看,这部电影比原著好一点。

knock at [on] 敲(门、窗)

Someone is knocking at the window. 有人在敲窗。

New graduates from high schools and colleges start knocking on employers’ doors. 刚从大中学校毕业的学生开始寻找就业门路。

lean on 靠在;对施加压力;依靠  

She had to stop and lean on the gate. 她不得不停下来,靠在大门上歇歇。

They lean on each other for support. 他们相互依靠,相互支持。

If we lean on them, we’re bound to get something. 如果我们对他们施加压力,一定能得到点什么。

live on [upon] 靠……为生,依靠……生活

She still lives on her parents. 她仍靠父母生活。

The family lived upon a small income. 这家人靠少量收入过活。

rely on [upon] 依靠,指望

She cannot be relied on to tell the truth. 别指望她能说真话。

Nowadays we rely increasingly on computers for help. 现今我们越来越依靠计算机协助工作。

rest on [upon] 基于,(目光)落在……上

The whole theory rests on a very simple idea. 整个理论基于一个很简单的概念。

His eyes rested upon the new sofa. 他的双眼凝视着那张新沙发。

sit on 丢下不管,积压:

Don’t sit on letters requesting our help. 不要积压向我们求助的信函。

They have been sitting on my application for weeks. 他们把我的申请搁置了好几个星期。

work on 对……有影响;从事,致力于

Will it work on human beings? 这将对人有影响吗?

He is working on a new novel. 他正在写一部新小说。