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by courtesy of 承蒙……的好意(准许);承蒙……提供;作为……的结果

This programme comes by courtesy of a local company. 本节目由本地的一家公司提供赞助。

The pictures have been reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum. 承蒙大英博物馆的惠允,复制了这些画。


Win a weekend in Rome, courtesy of Fiat. 赢取菲亚特公司提供的到罗马度周末的机会。

Viewers can see the stadium from the air, courtesy of a camera fastened to the plane. 由于飞机上安装有摄像机,电视观众可以从空中鸟瞰体育场。

by means of 用,依靠

He got into the house by means of an open window. 他从一扇开着的窗户爬进屋去。

They were able to position the yacht by means of radar. 他们能够用雷达测定快艇的方位。

by reason of 由于……的原因

He escaped punishment by reason of youth. 他由于年轻,没有受到处罚。

The plan failed by reason of bad organization. 这个计划由于组织不周而失败了。

by virtue of 由于,因为;凭借

I got this house by virtue of my job. 我由于工作的原因得到了这栋房子。

He was exempt from charges by virtue of his youth [of being so young, of the fact that he was so young]. 他因年幼而获得免费。

by way of 经由;为了,意在

He came to Japan by way of China. 他经中国来到日本。

He sent her flowers by way of apology. 他给她送去鲜花,以表歉意。