复合介词归纳——“under the+名词+of”类型

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复合介词归纳——“under the+名词+of”类型


under the age of年龄在……以下,年龄不到……岁

She had two children under the age of four. 她有两个不到四岁的孩子。

This law extends to children under the age of 14 only. 这条法律仅适用于14岁以下的儿童。

under the auspices of 由……提供赞助

This conference has been arranged under the auspices of the United Nations. 本次会议由联合国赞助召开。

This concert has been arranged under the auspices of the Knight Group. 这次音乐会是由奈特集团赞助举办的。

under the banner of声称拥护,打着……的旗号

She fought the election under the banner of equal rights. 她打着平等的旗号参加了竞选。

They marched under the banner of equal educational opportunity. 他们打着公平教育的旗号举行游行示威。

under the burden of 在……的压力下

She was broken under the burden of sorrow. 她被忧愁压迫得崩溃。

It was difficult to behave naturally under the burden of knowing the truth. 了解了真相,在此压力下自难行之若素。

under the care of 在……照顾下

There she remained under the care of Doctor Brown. 在那儿她一直由布朗医生照顾。

The storehouse is under the care of a retired worker. 仓库由一个退休的老工人管理。

Thousands of Young Pioneers under the good care of the Party are growing up sturdily. 成千上万的少先队员在党的关怀下茁壮成长。

under the charge of 由……管理(负责、照顾、治疗等)

These patients are under the charge of Dr Wilson. 这些病人由威尔逊医生治疗。

This ward is under the charge of Dr Green. 这间病房是由格林大夫负责的。

Mother puts the baby in the charge of the baby while she is out. 母亲外出时,婴儿交给临时保姆照顾。

under the command of 由……指挥

The ship is under the command of Captain Black. 这艘船由布菜克船长指挥。

The army is under the command of General Smith. 这支军队由史密斯将军指挥。

under the conditions of 根据……条件

Under the conditions of the agreement, all foreign troops will leave by May. 根据协议条款,所有外国军队将最迟在5月撤离。

Under the conditions of the agreement, the job must be completed by the end of the month. 根据协议规定的条件,这项工作必须在本月底完成。

under the control of 在……的控制下,由……管辖

The city is under the control of the enemy forces. 该城现处于敌军的控制之下。

The government has been overthrown and the country is now under the control of the military. 政府被推翻了,这个国家现在处于军方的控制之下。

under the cover of 在……掩护下,趁着;以……为借口

They ran away under the cover of mist. 他们在雾的掩护下逃走。


crimes committed under cover of patriotism 打着爱国的旗号犯下的罪行

The enemy attacked us under cover of darkness. 敌人趁夜袭击我们。

under the direction of 由……领导(指导、指挥)

The singing group is under the direction of Mr Duff. 这个歌唱组是由达夫先生领导的。

The investigation was carried out under the direction of a senior police officer. 调查是在一位高级警官的指导下进行的。

under the fire of 在……的炮火下

The soldiers showed perfect discipline under the fire of the enemy. 在敌人的炮火下,那些士兵显示了良好的纪律。

under the guidance of

Under the guidance of the experienced hunter, we easily climbed down the side of the cliff. 在一位有经验的猎人的带领下,我们很容易地从悬崖边上爬下了山。

under the influence of 在……的影响下,受……的影响

He was under the influence of Zola. 他受左拉的影响。

He’s very much under the influence of the older boys. 那些比他大的男孩对他影响很大。

Under the influence of the drug my mind was filled with surreal images. 我受了麻醉药的刺激,头脑里充满了稀奇古怪的幻觉。

under the leadership of 在……的领导下

Under the leadership of the Party, we are studying hard for “the four modernizations”. 在党的领导下,我们正为“四个现代化”努力学习。

Under the leadership of the Party, we are marching from victory to victory. 在党的领导下,我们正从胜利走向胜利。

under the name of 用……的名字,以……的名义

He writes under the name of Nimrod. 他用尼姆罗德这个名字写作。

He is living under the name of Smith, but Bird is his real name. 他现在化名史密斯,但是他的真名是伯德。

under the necessity of 必须,被迫

You are under the necessity of starting at once. 你必须立即开始(动身)。

She was under the necessity of selling all her jewellery. 她被迫变卖了她所有的珠宝。

【注】under the necessity of后通常接动名词,表示“必须做某事”“被迫做某事”。

under the patronage of 由……提供保护(赞助、支援)

The theatre is under the patronage of the Arts Council. 那剧院得到了艺术委员会的赞助。

under the pressure of 在……的压力下

He’s beginning to buckle under the pressure of work. 工作快要把他压垮了。

Her health broke down under the pressure of work. 工作的压力把他的身体弄垮了。

under the pretence of 以……为借口(籍口)

John left early under the pretext of illness. 今天约翰以生病为藉口,提早离开了。

He stayed away from school under the pretence of being ill. 他借口生病不去上学。

under the pretext of 以……为借口(籍口)

He came to see me under the pretext of asking my advice when he really wanted to borrow money. 他以请我指教为藉口前来看我,其实是想借钱。

under the protection of 受……的保护

The country was under the protection of France at that time. 当时这个国家受法国的保护。

Many British wild animals are now under the protection of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. 英国的许多野生动物现在受到《野生生物及乡野法》的保护。

under the pseudonym of 用……笔名

Eric Blair wrote under the pseudonym of George Orwell. 埃里克·布来尔以乔治·奥韦尔为笔名写作。

He wrote a novel under the pseudonym of Colin Kettle. 他用笔名科林·凯特尔写了一本小说。

under the supervision of 在……的管理(监督、指导)下

This drug should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor. 此药须遵医嘱服用。

Students are not allowed to handle these chemicals unless they are under the supervision of a teacher. 除非有老师的指导,否则学生不准动用这些化学药品。

under the sway of 在……的控制下,受……的控制

He is under the sway of his friend. 他受他朋友控制。

Under the sway of hunger, the shy deer appeared in the farmer’s yard. 那只胆小的鹿迫于饥饿,跑到了农民的院子里。

under the terms of 根据……的规定

Under the terms of the lease you had no right to sublet the property. 根据租约规定,你无权转租物业。

Under the terms of the contract you must give a week’s notice. 按照合同的规定,你必须在一星期前发出通知。

under the umbrella of 在……保护(掩护)下

Primary education comes under the umbrella of local government. 小学教育受地方政府的保护。

Police operated under the umbrella of the security forces. 警方在保安部队的掩护下采取了行动。

under the weight of 在……的重压下

The tent sagged under the weight of the wet snow. 帐篷由于湿雪的重量而下垂。

She was struggling under the weight of three suitcases. 她提着三个箱子,步履维艰。