in front of的10个“兄弟”

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in front of 10个“兄弟”


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in front of是一个同学们比较熟悉的有用搭配,它的特点是:第一个词是介词in,最后一个词是介词of,中间的名词前没有任何修饰语(既没有冠词也没有物主代词),整个短语相当于一个介词(语法上称之为“复合介词”)。

一、in front of 的用法

in front of 的意思是“在……前面;在……面前”。如:

A van was parked right in front of my car. 一辆货车正好停在我的汽车面前。

You shouldn’t use such bad language in front of the children. 在孩子们面前,你不应该说这种粗话。

注意in front of 与 in the front of 的意思不同:前者指范围之外的“在……前面”,后者指范围之内的“在……前部”。比如:

The car stopped in front of the post office. 车在邮局前面停了下来。

The driver sits in the front of the bus. 公共汽车司机上的司机都是坐在车前的。

二、in front of 10个“兄弟”

1. in case of 以防;如果

The wall was built along the river in case of floods. 沿河筑了防护墙以防洪水。

In case of fire, walk quickly to the nearest door. 如果失火,就赶快朝最近的门跑。

2. in charge of 负责;管理

The teacher is in charge of the class. 这位教师负责这个班。

The butler is in charge of the wine cellar. 仆役长负责管理酒窖。

3. in control of 管理;控制

He is in control of the shop. 他管理这个商店。

The police are in control of the situation. 警察控制着局势。

4. in course of 在……过程中;在进行中

The goods ordered are now in course of shipment. 定的货正在运输途中。

The new railway is in course of construction. 新铁路正在兴建当中。

5. in danger of 有……的危险

The sick man is in danger of death. 这位病人有死亡的危险。

The woman was in danger of losing her life. 这个女人有丧失生命的危险。

6. in memory of 为纪念

He planted some apple trees in memory of his wife. 他种了些苹果树纪念他的妻子。

She set up the charitable trust in memory of her father. 她设立了慈善信托基金以纪念她的父亲。

7. in need of 需要

The doctor says I am in need of a holiday. 医生说我需要休假。

He was tired and hungry, and badly in need of a bath. 他又累又饿,并且急需洗个澡。

8. in place of 代替

Won’t you go in place of me? 你能代替我去吗?

Who is here in place of the manager? 谁在这里代理经理?

9. in search of 寻找;寻求

She went into the kitchen in search of a drink. 她进了厨房,想找点喝的。

Many people had left their homes to go in search of food. 许多人离开家园去寻觅食物。

10. in support of 支持;支援

Steve spoke in support of the proposal. 史蒂夫发言支持那个计划。

A scientist must produce evidence in support of a theory. 科学家必须提出证据以支持其理论。


1. In ________ of fire, ring the bell.

2. The person in ________ of our office left last week.

3. Many people move from city to city in ________ of good work.

4. If you are sick, she will have to go in ________ of you.

5. Deeds are better than words when people are in ________ of help.

6. The woman was badly wounded. She was in ________ of losing her life. ________

参考答案:1. case  2. charge  3. search  4. place  5. need  6. danger