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The town lies among the mountains. 这座城镇位于众山之中。

All approaches to the town were blocked. 所有通向这座城市的道路都被封锁了。


Mary has also gone to town. 玛丽也进城了。

We go to town sometimes to buy clothes. 我们有时进城去买衣服。

We were in town last Monday. 上星期一我们在城里。

I returned to town by the midnight express train. 我坐午夜快车回到城里。

I’ve been down town all morning. 整个早上我都在城里(市中心区)。

I’m going into town to buy a dress. 我进城去买一件衣服。


After tea I wandered about the town. 吃过下午茶我在城里转了转。

Then they took a bus into the town. 于是他们搭公共汽车进城。