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■work 表示“工作地点”时,其前不加定冠词the。如:

He’s on his way to work. 他在去上班的路上。

He is at work. 他在上班。(在办公室或工作地点)

He isn’t back from work yet. 他还没(从办公室)下班回来。

注意,at work也可表示working (工作)。如:

hard at work = working hard 在努力工作

He’s hard at work on a new picture. 他正在努力地画一幅新画。

■office表示“工作地点”时,其前要用定冠词 the。如:

She can’t be in the office now. 她现在不可能在办公室。

She may still be working in the office. 她可能还在办公室工作。

There’s a couple of vacant rooms behind the office. 办公室后面有一两间空房。

You may have left the key in the office. 你可能把钥匙留在办公室了。

He said the office expenses were too big. 他说办公室的开销太大。

The office will be closed until further notice. 这办事处在另行通知前暂时关闭。

I think I probably do the least work in the office. 我想在办公室就是我工作干得最少。


be in office (不加the) 则表示担任一个官 / 公职(通常指政界职位)

be out of office = be no longer in power不再担任某一职务,已去职