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I had the luck to find him at home. 我运气不错,他正好在家。

As it’s raining, we’ll have to stay at home. 因为天下雨,我们得待在家里。

Jack took a momentous decision to run away from home. 杰克做出一个重要决定——离家出走。


May I have permission to go home early? 能允许我早回家吗?

Not knowing what to do, I went home. 我不知道怎么办好,就回家了。

We arrived home towards evening. 快天黑时我们到家了。


They went to their new home. 他们到自已的新家去了。

We arrived at the bride’s home. 我们到了新娘的家。

For some years this was the home of your queen. 曾有些年头这里是你们王后的家。

A mud hut was the only home he had ever known. 一间小土屋就是他所知道的唯一的家。