one’s every…与every one’s…用法问题

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one’s every…every one’s…用法问题

英语习惯上说 one’s every,而不说 every one’s,尤其是像 one’s every move, one’s every need, one’s every whim 等,都是很常用的搭配。如:

1. my every

Oh for a husband who would indulge my every whim! 啊,我多么想有一个对我百依百顺的丈夫呀!

I hate the way my boss watches my every move (= watches everything I do). 我讨厌老板总是监视我的一举一动。

I’d hate to be someone really famous with the press reporting my every move. 那种一举一动都被登上报纸的大名人我才不愿意当。

2. his every

My eyes followed his every move. 我的目光追随着他的每个举动。

His every remark is seized upon by the press. 他的每句话都被新闻界大做文章。

His mother spoiled him, indulging his every whim. 他母亲对他纵容娇惯,百依百顺。

Television cameras would be monitoring his every step. 电视摄像机将监视他的一举一动。

She was watching his face, hanging on his every word. 她注视着他的脸,倾听他说的每一个字。

The journalists hung on his every word as he spoke of his ordeal. 记者仔细倾听他讲述苦难的经历。

3. her every

He tended to her every need. 他照管她的一切需要。

He tried to satisfy her every wish. 他设法满足她的每一个意愿。

The cubs followed their mother on the hunt, watching her every move. 幼兽跟着母兽猎食,观察母兽的一举一动。

He hangs on her every word as if she were some sort of goddess. 他全神贯注地听她讲每一句话,就好像她是位女神似的。

She’s such a fascinating lecturer—I was hanging on to her every word. 她讲得实在太引人入胜了——她讲的每一个字我都听得很仔细。

4. your every

Our staff will cater to your every need. 我们的员工会照顾你的所有需要。

Highly trained staff will pander to your every whim. 训练有素的员工会完全由着你的性子。

5. their every

We follow their every word like lambs to the slaughter. 我们对他们完全言听计从。

The media put their every decision under the microscope.  媒体仔细研究了他们的每一个决定。

6. our every

There’ll be an assistant there to see to our every need. 将有一位助手到场来照顾我们的一切需求。