anyone 与 any one 以及 everyone 与 every one的区别

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anyone any one 以及 everyone every one的区别

有网友在本站“答疑中心”问:anyone 与 any one 以及 everyone 与 every one 的区别。


一、anyone any one 的区别

1. 合写的 anyone

合写的 anyone 只用于指人,不用于指物。如:

Does anyone ever visit them? 有人常访问他们吗?

Has anyone called the police? 有人打电话报警了吗?

How can anyone bear wearing clothes like that? 谁会容忍穿成那个样子呢?

I have my pride, same as anyone else. 和别人一样,我也有自尊心。

2. 分开写的 any one

分开写的 any one 可用于指人也可用于指物。如:

Any one who collaborates should be shot. 通敌的人都应枪毙。(any one指人)

Look up D for dentists and pick one, any one. 查阅D项找牙科医生,然后挑选一个,任何一个。(any one指人)

“Which newspaper would you like?” “It doesn’t matter. Any one.” “你喜欢哪一种报纸?”“无所谓。哪一种都行。”(any one指物)

3. 后接of 短语时

后接of 短语时,习惯上要用分开写的 any one。此时的any one 可指人或指物。如:

Any one of the plans will do. 这些计划中的任何一个都行。

Any one of our employees could be the informer. 我们的任何一位雇员都有可能成为告密者。

Any one of these nuclear plants may be a disaster waiting to happen. 这些核电厂的任何一个都是一种隐患。

4. 其后带有被修饰成分

其后接有被修饰的名词或代词时,要用分开写的 any one(可视为any的强调说法)。如:

She refused to lay the blame on any one party. 她拒绝归咎于任何一方。

You can borrow any one video at a time. 你一次可以借任何一盘录像带。

I can’t point to any one particular reason for it. 那件事我找不出具体原因来。


二、everyone 与 every one的区别
1. 合写的 everyone

合写的 everyone 只用于指人,不用于指物。如:

The beach should be accessible to everyone. 海滩应向所有人开放。

It struck me that everyone was unusually silent. 大家都异乎寻常地沉默使我感到吃惊。

Everyone needs to become more environmentally aware. 人人都需要有更多的环境意识。

She introduced her date to everyone at the party. 她将她的约会对象介绍给聚会上的每一个人。

2. 分开写的 every one

分开写的 every one 可用于指人也可用于指物。如:

His books are great. Every one’s worth reading. 他写的书了不起。每一本都值得读。

We need some more eggs. You ate every one last night. 我们还需要一些鸡蛋,你昨晚把所有的鸡蛋都吃了。

She turned her attention to her friends. Every one had had a good education. 她把注意力转向了她那些朋友,他们每个人都受过良好的教育。

3. 后接of 短语时

后接of 短语时,习惯上要用分开写的 every one。此时的every one 可指人或指物。如:

His books are wonderful. I’ve read every one of them. 他的书写得好极了。我每一本都读过了。

It is filled with famous works of art, and every one of them is a fake. 这里满是艺术名品,但每一件都是赝品。

It’s the duty of each and every one of us to do their best for the team. 我们当中的每个人都有义务为团队尽最大努力。

注:someone与some one的区别同上类似。