anything but与nothing but

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anything butnothing but

1. anything but为习语,意为“根本不是”“一点不是”。如:

I’ll do anything but that. 我绝不会干那种事。

The party was anything but a success. 晚会根本不成功。

The fight is anything but finished. 斗争绝没有结束。

The hotel was anything but satisfactory. 这家旅馆一点不让人满意。

注anything but 有时可单独使用。如:

I don’t mean he’s lazy—anything but! 我不是说他懒,他根本不懒。

注anything but不仅可用于事物,也可用于人。如:

He is anything but a poet. 他绝不是诗人。

He was anything but polite. 他根本没有一点礼貌。

2. nothing but也是习语,意为“仅仅”“只”。如:

He’s nothing but a criminal. 他只不过是个罪犯。

He dreams of nothing but going home. 他只想回家。

There is nothing but some waste paper in the desk. 课桌里只有些废纸。

He has nothing but praise for the managers at his company. 对他公司的经理们他只是一味地赞美。