another 的用法与语法

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another 的用法与语法

1. another可视为由“an+other”构成,但总是写成一个词,不能写成an other;其后一般只接单数可数名词,不接复数名词或不可数名词。another有两个基本意义:

(1) 外加的,同样的。如:

Don’t say another word. 不要再说了。

Let me have another cup of tea. 给我再来一杯茶。

(2) 不同的,另外的。如:

That’s another Story. 那是另一码事。

Give me another cup. This one’s cracked. 请给我换个杯子,这个裂了。

If I were you, I should get another lawyer. 如果我是你,我就请别的律师。


Give me another (one). 另外给我一个。(表泛指)

Give me the other (one). 给我另外那个。(表特指)

2. 在通常情况下,another 后不能接复数名词或不可数名词,但是若复数名词之前有 few 或数词修饰,或不可数名词之前有 piece of 之类的单位词时等,则可以与 another 连用。如:

I could go on for another two hours. 我再讲两个小时都讲不完。

I need another few days before l can make up my mind. 我还需几天才能决定。

3. one 有时可与 another 对照使用。如:

One (boy) wanted to read, and another wanted to watch TV. 一个(男孩)想看书,另一个则想看电视。

One day he wanted his lunch early, another day he wanted it late. 他一天要早点吃午饭,另一天又要晚点吃午饭。

4. 习语one after another意为“一个接一个地”“相继地”“依次地”,在句中主要用作状语。如:

Planes took off one after another. 飞机陆续起飞。

One after another all his plans have failed. 他的计划都一一失败了。


One after another began to choke, and at the end all the women were weeping. 人们一个接一个哽咽起来,到结束的时候妇女们全都哭了。

注意,该结构多用于三者或三者以上的“依次”,如指两者“依次”,则通常用one after the other。如:

The boy showed me his dirty hands one after the other. 那男孩把他脏兮兮的手依序伸给我看。

5. one another 与 each other:两者均表示“彼此”“互相”,原认为 one another 用于三者或三者以上,each other 用于两者,但在现代英语中,两者常可换用。值得注意的是,“互相”一词,在中文里给人的感觉好像是副词,但其实它们是代词,因此它们在句不用作状语,若用于不及物动词之后时,要考虑添加适合的介词。如:

We don’t always agree with one another [each other]. 我们的意见并不总是一致的。

They spoke to one another [each other] in a very friendly manner. 他们态度十分和善地彼此交谈。


Each of them knew the other’s weak point. 他们每个人都知道其他人的弱点。

One man shouted to another in his own language. 他们用自己的语言互相吼叫着。


They often stay in one another’s [each other’s] house. 他们常常在彼此的家里住。

Those two are always copying each other’s [one another’s] homework. 那两个人总是互相抄袭作业。