anything but还是anybody but

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anything but还是anybody but


“It’s said that he is a wise leader.” “Oh, no, he is _____ but a wise leader.”

A. anything                        B. anyone

C. anybody                        D. anywhere

【陷阱】容易误选B、C。因为句子主语指人,似乎只有 B、C 才与之一致。

【分析】其实,正确答案应选A。因为 anything but 是习语,意为“根本不是”或“一点也不”,不仅可用于事物,也可用于人。如:

I’ll do anything but that. 我绝不会干那种事。

The party was anything but a success. 晚会根本不成功。

Her father was anything but a poet. 她父亲根本不是诗人。

Such a man wasanything but a hero. 那样的人绝不算英雄。