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请看下面这句对话,该填one 还是 it?

—Excuse me, I want to have my watch fixed, but I can’t find a repair shop.

—I know ________ nearby. Come on, I’ll show you.

A. one                           B. it                 

C. some                        D. that

【分析】最佳答案是A。it 和 one 的区别可简单地概括为:it = the + 名词,one = a + 名词。如:

I haven’t got any pens, and I want to borrow one. 我没有钢笔,我想借一支。(one = a pen)

I have two pens, and I can lend one to you. 我有两本支钢笔,我可以借一支。(one = a pen)

I have a pen, and I can lend it to you. 我有一本钢笔,我可以把它借给你。(it = the pen)

在上面一题中,one 相当于 one 相当于 a repair shop。请做下面一题(答案选A):

There is only one English-Chinese dictionary in that book-shop. I wonder if you still want to buy _______.

A. it                                B. one

C. another                        D. any