cold 可数还是不可数

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cold 可数还是不可数

1. 表示“寒冷”,是不可数名词。如:

She doesn’t seem to feel the cold. 她似乎不觉得冷。

Cold and heat succeed each other. 寒来暑往。

在 with cold(因为寒冷)这一短语中通常不用冠词。如:

He died with cold. 他冻死了。

He was shivering with cold. 他冷得发抖。

2. 表示“感冒”“伤风”等,是可数名词,不仅可用不定冠词修饰、有复数形式,而且还可以受数词的修饰。如:

Some people easily take colds. 有的人容易患感冒。

Most people have two or three colds a year. 大多数人一年患两3次感冒。

As is well known, more people get colds in wet weather. 众所周知,大多数人在雨天感冒。

3. 表示“感冒”时,在 have (got) a cold 这一词组中 a 不能省略。如:

I had a cold last week. 上周我感冒了。

Whenever she had a cold, she ate only fruit. 每当她感冒了她只吃水果。

但是,在 catch (a) cold, get (a) cold 这类表达中的不定冠词却通常省略。如:

I often catch cold. 我常常感冒。

Take care not to catch (a) cold. 小心别感冒。

但是,即使是与 catch 或 get 搭配,若 cold 前面有了形容词的修饰,那么其中的不定冠词也不能省略。如:

I caught a bad cold. That’s why I didn’t come. 我重感冒了,因此我没来。