a pair of后可接哪些名词

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a pair of后可接哪些名词

a pair of后所接名词主要有以下特点:

1. 由两部分构成的单件事物,如trousers(裤子),scissors(剪刀),glasses(眼镜)


I cut the paper with a pair of scissors. 我用剪刀剪纸。

Two pairs of your trousers are still at the cleaner’s. 你的两条裤子还在洗衣店里。



误:These trousers are too tight for me. Do you have a larger one?

正:These trousers are too tight for me. Do you have a larger pair?

2. 包括两件东西并且习惯上一起使用的名词,如shoes(鞋子),boots(靴子)sgloves(手套),socks(袜子),earrings(耳环),chopsticks(筷子)等。如:

A pair of gloves is a nice present. 一付手套是一件很好的礼物。

Go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. 去给自己买双新鞋吧。

I want to buy a hat and a pair of boots, among other things. 除别的东西之外,我还想买顶帽子和一双皮靴。

3. 表示身体中两个相同的部位。如:

She has a huge pair of eyes. 她长有一双大眼睛。

Look at her beautiful pair of legs. 你瞧她那又美丽的大腿。

4. 表示一般意义的“两个”“一对”等。如:

On the wall were a pair of hearts interlocked. 墙上有一个同心结。

A pair of thieves were conspiring to rob us. 有两个贼预谋盗窃我们的东西。