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1. furniture属表总称的物质名词(也有的书称之为集合名词),没有复数形式,也不能与不定冠词连用,含义上永远是单数。如:

She furnished the apartment with modern furniture. 她给那套公寓装配了现代家具。

Many things, such as toys, furniture, and computers, are made of plastic. 许多东西如玩具、家具和电脑都是塑料做的。

即使其前受到all, some等的修饰,也不能用复数。如:

I’ve just bought some new furniture. 我刚买了一些新家具。

All the furniture was covered with dust. 所有家具都落满了灰尘。

2. 若要表示“量”,可用much, little, a little, a lot of, lots of等修饰,但不能用many, few, a few等修饰。如:

The room had little furniture in it. 室内没什么家具。

There is a lot of furniture in his living-room. 他的客厅里有很多家具。

The room was small and contained far too much furniture. 房间很小而家具实在太多。

若要表示“数”可用a piece of (article, item) of等修饰。如:

A desk is an article of furniture. 书桌是一件家具。

Most people look on a television set as an essential piece of furniture. 多数人都把电视机看成是必不可少的家具。

3. 若要表示“一套家具”,可用a suite of修饰。如:

That’s a nice suite of furniture. 那是一套漂亮的家具。