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1. 无论表示作为植物看待的“蔬菜”还是表示作为食物看待的“蔬菜”,它通常都是可数的,且通常用复数形式。如:

Cut up the vegetables very fine. 把菜切得碎碎的。

Fresh vegetables are sold in this market. 这个市场售卖新鲜蔬菜。

I like cooked vegetables with all the natural juices still in. 我爱吃保持原汁的煮蔬菜。

2. 若表示一种“蔬菜”,可连用不定冠词。如:

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable. 菠菜是一种绿叶菜。

Is the tomato a vegetable or a fruit? 蕃茄是蔬菜还是水果?

The potato is a vegetable, not a fruit. 土豆是一种蔬菜,不是水果。

若语义需要,也可连用most, many等。如:

Most vegetables are readily available at this time of year. 这季节大部分蔬菜都很容易买到。

We gave away many of the vegetables from our garden. 我们把自己园子里的很多蔬菜都送了人。

3. 若用于名词前作定语,则要用单数。如:

We have a vegetable patch behind our house. 我们在房子后面有一小块蔬菜地。

The bad weather has sent vegetable prices up. 天气不好,导致到蔬菜价格上涨。