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■in action 在活动中,在进行中,在运转中,在战斗中

The machine is now in action. 机器正在运转。

He was killed in action in France. 他在法国阵亡。

I’ve heard he’s an excellent player but I’ve never seen him in action. 我听说他是位高手,但还从未实地见过。

■in addition 加之,又,另外

There was an earthquake and, in addition, there were tidal waves. 除了地震之外,还有海啸。

You need money and time, in addition, you need diligence. 你需要金钱和时间,此外你还需要努力。

■in advance 在前头,事先,预先

Everything has been fixed in advance. 一切都预先安排好了。

They will pay a hundred and thirty francs in advance. 他们将预付130法郎。

■in bulk 大量,大批

If you buy in bulk, it’s 10% cheaper. 大量购买,9 折优惠。

It comes cheaper if you buy things in bulk. 成批买东西就便宜些。

■in business 在经商

He is no longer in business. 他不再经商。

Most of my family are in business. 我们一家大多数经商。

■in case (用作连词,表目的或条件)以防;如果 (用作副词)以防万一

You must take your umbrella in case it rains. 你要带雨伞,以防下雨。

In case you see him, ask him about it. 如果你见着他,问问他这事。

You’d better carry some money in case. 你最好带些钱,以防万一。

■in cash 用现金

Would you pay me in cash, please? 请您付给我现金行吗?

Are you paying by check or in cash? 你是用支票还是用现金付款?

【注】表示“用现金(付款)”,英语通常用in cash,有时也用by cash,但是语习惯上不说with cash。如:

Unless paying by credit card, please pay in cash. 除非用信用卡付款,否则请付现金。

The purchase price is less if you pay by cash. 付现金的话,价钱便宜些。

■in charge 主管,掌管,看管

Who is in charge here? 谁是这里的负责人?

I’d like to speak to the person in charge. 我想跟你们负责人说句话。

■in check 受抑制的,受控制的

He held his anger in check. 他压住怒火。

We’ve kept the disease in check for a year now. 我们控制住这种疾病至今已有一年了。

■in chorus 一齐,一致,共同

All the students replied in chorus to the teacher’s question. 所有学生齐声回答老师的问题。

“Good morning, Mrs Fulton,” the children answered in chorus. “早上好,富尔顿太太。”孩子们齐声回答道。

■in colour 在色彩方面;彩色的

They vary in colour. 它们的颜色各不相同。

All the pictures in this book are in colour. 这本书里的所有图画都是彩色的。

■in comfort 舒适地

He lives in comfort in the country. 他在乡下过着舒适的生活。

Our caravan sleeps six in comfort. 我们居住的拖车可舒舒服服地睡六个人。

■in company 一起,在一起

We went in company. 我们一起去的。

You must behave well in company. 与别人在一起时你必须守规矩。

■in comparison 比较起来

The old method suffers by comparison. 老方法相形见绌。

We judge one’s ability and knowledge in comparison. 我们通过比较来判断一个人的能力和知识。

■in concert 一齐,一致;现场演出;合作

She was appearing in concert at Carnegie Hall. 她要在卡内基大厅的现场演出中亮相。

If the member countries would act in concert, the problem might be solved more easily. 如果会员国愿意合作,这个问题可能会更容易解决。

■in conclusion 最后,在结束时

I will in conclusion say a few words about my visit to Tokyo. 最后,我对我的东京之行说几句。

In conclusion, I should like to thank all those who have worked so hard to bring about this result. 最后,我想对所有那些为取得这个成果而努力工作的人们表示感谢。

■in condition 健康,情况良好

My car is old but in good condition. 我的车虽老旧,但车况良好。

Walk to work every day and you’ll soon be back in condition. 只要每天步行上班,你很快就会恢复健康。

■in confidence 私下地,秘密地

She told me in confidence? 她私下告诉了我。

I’m telling you this in confidence. 我信得过你才对你说这事的。

■in consequence 因此,由于……的结果

She was found guilty, and lost her job in consequence. 她被判有罪,因而失去了工作。

She has lived in France, and in consequence speaks French fluently. 她曾住在法国,因此法语说得很流利。

■in contrast 相反

In contrast, the lives of girls in well families were often very sheltered. 相反,富裕家庭的女孩子的生活则通常是非常受保护的。

【注】也可说成 by contrast。如:

He was friendly and talkative; she, by contrast, said nothing. 他友好又健谈,相比之下,她沉没无语。

■in control 管理着,掌握着

The Vice-President is now in control. 副总统现在掌管一切。

But the next moment he had himself in control. 但是他马上就控制住了自己。

■in danger 在危险中,垂危

She was sick and in danger. 她病危。

The patient’s life is still in danger. 这病人的生命还没脱离危险。

■in debt 负债

He is over head and ears in debt. 他债台高筑。

His gambling losses put him deeply in debt. 他因赌博输钱而负债累累。

■in demand 有需要的,吃香的

Taxicabs are in great demand on rainy days. 下雨天要雇出租汽车的人很多。

It was an unusually hot summer and air conditioners were in great demand. 那年夏天非常热,因此空调机需求量甚大。

■in depth 完全地,彻底地,深入地

We studied the situation in depth. 我们深入研究了情况。

The accountant studied the company’s financial position in depth. 会计师全面仔细地研究该公司的财政状况。

■in despair 在绝望中,绝望地

She was in despair when he left her. 当他离开她时,她陷于绝望之中。

He gave up the attempt in despair. 他在绝望中放弃了这种尝试。

■in detail 详细地

Could you explain in more detail? 你能说得更详细些吗?

We haven’t discussed the matter in detail yet. 我们还没有详细地讨论这事。

■in disgrace 很不讨人喜欢;蒙着耻辱

He’s in disgrace because he told a lie. 他撒了个谎,惹得父亲很不痛快。

He was sent home in disgrace. 他蒙着耻辱被遣送回去了。

■in disguise 伪装的,假扮的

I didn’t recognize him: he was in disguise. 我没认出他来,他化了装了。

The supposed beggar was really a police officer in disguise. 那个众人眼中的乞丐,其实是化了装的警察。

■in dispute 在争论中,处于争议中

We’re in dispute about overtime rates. 我们正交涉加班费问题。

We are in dispute over the terms and conditions of his employment. 就他雇用合同的条款问题我们发生了争论。

■in doubt 感到疑惑的,难以确定的

He is in doubt what to do. 他不知道做什么好。

When in doubt about the meaning of a word, consult a dictionary. 拿不准词义时,查查词典。

■in duplicate 一式两份

Usually we ask for a draft in duplicate. 我们通常要求草图一式两份。

He told me to prepare the contract in duplicate. 他叫我把合同准备一式两份。

■in effect 其实,实际上;生效

Though they haven’t made an official announcement, she is, in effect, the new director. 虽然还没正式公布,但她实际上已是新任的主管。

The new rules will be in effect from next season. 新条例在下一季生效。

■in essence 本质上,实质上,基本上

The two arguments are in essence the same. 这两个论点大致相同。

In essence, the problem is a simple one.从本质上看,这是一个简单的问题。

■in evidence 显而易见的;清楚的;明显的

The first signs of winter are in evidence. 初冬迹象已明显可见。

He’s the sort of man who likes to be very much in evidence at important meetings. 他是非常喜欢在重大会议上出风头的那种人。

■in existence 存在的,现存的

This is the largest ship in existence. 这是世上现有的最大的船。

This is the oldest Chinese manuscript in existence. 这是现存的最早汉语手稿。

■in fact 事实上

He doesn’t mind. In fact, he’s pretty pleased. 他并不介意,事实上他很高兴。

Great Britain is a republic in fact, but not in form. 英国事实上是个共和国,但形式上不是。

■in fashion 时兴的,时髦的

Jeans are always in fashion. 牛仔裤总是一直流行的。

Her evening gowns are always in fashion. 她的晚礼服总是很时髦。

■in force 大量的;有效的

The police were present at the demonstration in force. 警方派出大队人马在示威游行的现场戒备。

The new safety regulations are now in force. 新的安全规则现已生效。

■in form 在形式上;竞技状态良好,精神健旺

The words “elevator” and “lift” are different in form but identical in meaning. elevator与lift形式相异但意义相同。

If she is in form, she can win the match easily. 如果她竞技状态良好,她可以轻易嬴得这场比赛。

The speaker was in good form tonight. 那位演说者今晚情绪很好。

■in front 在前面

Please sit in front. 请坐在前面。

Some of the children ran on in front. 孩子当中有一些跑在前头。

■in future 今后,以后

Please be punctual in future. 今后请准时。

Please try to be more careful in future. 以后可要小心点儿。

Try to live a better life in future. 今后要努力过更好的生活。

■in hand 在手中,在控制下,在处理中

I still have some money in hand. 我手中还有些钱。

We have the situation well in hand. 我们完全控制住了局面。

The work is in hand and will soon be completed. 这工作在进行中,不久即可完成。

■in haste 匆忙地,草率地

Bring the doctor in haste. 快把医生请来。

Marry in haste and repent at leisure. 草率结婚后悔多。

■in ink 用墨水(写)

Please write in ink, not pencil. 请用墨水笔写,别用铅笔写。

Please sign your name in ink rather than pencil. 请用墨水签名,别用铅笔。

■in kind 在种类方面,实质上;以实物(偿付);以同样的方法

They differ in size but not in kind. 这些东西的区别只是大小不同而实质一样。

When he had no money, the farmer sometimes used to pay me in kind. 那个农民没有现款时,有时候给我些东西抵账。

She wouldn’t take any money but said I could pay her in kind by lending her the car. 她不愿收钱,并说我可以把车借给她作为报答。

■in line 排成一行;有秩序;一致,协调

The recruits were standing in line to be examined. 新兵正排成一行准备接受体检。

The police kept the crowd in line. 警察维持人群的秩序。

Our thoughts on this subject are much in line. 我们在这个问题上的看法相当一致。

■in love 相爱

They’re very much in love (with each other). 他们(彼此)爱得很深。

They fell in love and were married within two months. 他们堕入爱河,两个月之内就结了婚。

■in luck 运气好

Bill was in luck when he found the money on the street. 比尔的运气真好,他在街上找到了丢失的钱。

I was in luck—the shop had the book I wanted. 我真走运,这家商店有我想买的那本书。

■in miniature 小规模,小型,小比例

Paris is France in miniature. 巴黎是法国的缩影。

She is just like her mother in miniature. 她简直是她母亲的缩影。

■in name (only) 名义上的,有名无实的

He is a mathematician in name but not in reality. 他是一个有名无实的数学家。

He is leader in name only: his deputy has effectively taken over. 他不过是个应名领导,他的副手实际上已取而代之。

■in need 危急之际,处于贫困中

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。

We should help those in need. 我们应该帮助穷困的人。

■in operation 运转中,实施着,生效

The college has been in operation for 60 years. 那所大学已建校60年。

Is this rule in operation yet? 这条规则生效了吗?

■in order 按顺序的,井然有序的;情况良好的;恰当的,合适的

These numbers are in order. 这些数字是按顺序排列的。

The room is in good order. 房间井然有序。

The computer is in working order. 这台电脑运作情况良好。

The following suggestions may be in order. 下列建议可能是合适的。

■in pain 在痛苦中

A cruel man likes to see others in pain. 残酷无情的人喜爱看到别人痛苦。

The injured soldiers called out in pain. 受伤的士兵疼得大叫。

■in part 部分地,在某种程度上

His success is in part owing to luck. 他的成功在某种程度上是由于幸运。

The responsibility was in part mine. 我也要负一部分责任。

■in peace 平安的(地),平静的(地)

The two communities live together in peace. 这两个社区和平相处。

I’m tired—can’t you just leave me in peace? 我很累,你不能让我静一静吗?

■in person 亲自,本人

I went to apologize to her in person. 我已亲自去向她道歉了。

The winner will be there in person to collect the prize. 奖金需获奖者本人领取。

■in place 在适当的位置,适当的

I like to have everything in place. 我喜欢样样事都恰得其所。

Your suggestion is quite in place. 你的建议很恰当。

■in play 开玩笑地,打趣地

The remark was only made in play. 那话只是说着玩的。

She only did it in play—she didn’t really meant it. 她只是闹着玩,不是真有意的。

■in power 掌握权力

The Government has been in power for two years. 这届政府已执政两年。

The present cabinet has been in power for four years. 现内阁已执政4年了。

■in practice 实际上;在不断练习中,熟练的;(医生)在开业

It seems to be a good plan, but will it be any good in practice? 这似乎是个好方案,但在实际上能否奏效?

He kept himself in practice at golfing. 他经常练习打高尔夫球。

Is Doctor Jones in practice there? 琼斯医生还在那儿开业行医吗?

■in preparation 作好准备

The book is in preparation. 这本书在编辑中。

The advertising campaign is still in preparation. 广告宣传攻势仍在准备中。

■in principle 原则上, 大体上

We object in principle to the plan. 原则上我们反对那计划。

His proposal sounds fine in principle, but there are a few points I’m not happy about. 他的建议听起来大体上不错,但有几点我不太满意。

■in print 以印刷的形式;(书等)已出版的,可买到的

Is that volume still in print? 那册书还能买到吗?

It was the first time he had seen his work in print. 这是他第一次看见自己的作品出版。

■in progress 在进行中

The game is still in progress. 比赛仍在进行中。

Silence! Examination is in progress. 请安静!考试正在进行。

■in proportion 相称;符合比例

Her features are in proportion. 她五官端正。

Try to draw the figures in the foreground in proportion. 要把前景中的人物画得合比例。

■in question 正在考虑的,正在谈论的

The lawyer asked where she was on the night in question. 律师问她当晚在哪里。

Where is the man in question? 当事人在什么地方?

■in reality 实际上,事实上

He is in reality penniless. 他实际上身无分文。

People say this is an exciting city but in reality it’s rather boring. 人们说这是个充满刺激的城市,事实上却很沉闷。

■in reason 合理的,在道理上

I’ll do anything in reason to earn my living. 为了谋生,只要是正当的事我什么事都做。

They cannot, in reason, doubt what he says. 在道理上,他们不能怀疑他所说的话。

■in reply 回复

What did you say in reply? 你怎么回答的?

The author whom you criticized in your view has written a letter in reply. 你在评论中批评的那个作者已写了一封回信。

■in return 作为回报

I wish I could do something for you in return. 我希望我能做点什么回报你。

If you give me your photo, I’ll give you mine in return. 你若送我一张照片,我便回赠一张给你。

■in ruins 成为废墟的,荒芜的

After the accident her life seemed to be in ruins. 发生意外以后,她的一生似乎已毁了。

The city of Berlin was in ruins at the end of the war. 战争结束时柏林市已成了一片废墟。

■in safety 平安地,安然无恙地

We are now in safety. 我们现在安全了。

They crossed the road in safety. 他们平安地穿过了马路。

■in season 当令,在旺季

Strawberries are cheaper when they’re in season. 草莓当令时便宜些。

Hotels are often full in season. 在度假旺季,旅馆经常客满。

■in shape 在外形上,在形状方面;健康的

Dogs differ from wolves in shape. 狗与狼在外形上不同。

You’ll never be in shape until you eat less and take more exercise. 只有少吃多锻炼才能健美。

■in sight 看得见,在望

Peace is now in sight. 和平在望。

There was not a ship in sight. 看不到一艘船。

■in stock 在库存里;备有现货

The book is in stock. 这本书有存货。

Have you any linen sheets in stock? 你们有没有亚麻布被单现货?

■in store 贮藏着;在等待

The runner kept some energy in store for spurting at the end. 那名赛跑的人为最后的冲刺贮存精力。

There was another accident in store for him that day. 那天还有一个灾难在等待着他。

■in strength 在力气(力量)方面;大量地

He’s my equal in strength. 他和我力气一样大。

Demonstrators arrived in strength to protest against the closure of the factory. 示威者大量涌来抗议关闭工厂。

■in style 气派的,流行的,豪华的

They don’t have many parties but when they do, they do it in style. 他们不常开派对,如果开的话,他们会开得很有气派。

This type of dress is now in style. 这种款式的女装现在很流行。

They are living in style. 他们过着豪华的生活。

■in substance 本质上;基本上;实际上

The two cars are the same in substance. 这两辆车实质上是一样的。

I agree with you in substance. 我基本上同意你的意见。

This, in substance, represents the opinion of two experts. 这种看法实际上代表两位专家的意见。

■in succession 连续地,一个接一个地

The cost of living seems set to drop for the third month in succession. 生活费用持续下降,眼看就快三个月了。

We sat in alphabetical order and the teacher asked us to give our names in succession. 我们按字母顺序就坐,老师要我们连续报出姓名。

■in sum总之,大体上

In sum, the plan failed. 总之,计划告吹了。

In sum, Mr Green’s report wasn’t perceptive at all. 总之,格林先生的报告讲得一点也不透彻。

■in tears 哭泣,在哭

She was in tears over the death of her puppy. 她因小狗死去而哭泣。

She was in tears as she told the story of what had happened. 她一边流泪一边讲述事情发行的经过。

■in theory 理论上

It seems good in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice. 理论上它似乎很不错,但实际上却行不通。

In theory, these machines should last for ten years or more. 从理论上讲,这些机器应该能用10年以上。

■in time 及时,来得及

This train will get us there in time. 这列火车将使我们及时到达那里。

Don’t worry. We’ll get to the station in time for your train. 别担心。我们会来得及到达车站,赶上你搭乘的火车。

■in total 总共

In total over 100 people attended. 总共有100多个人参加。

The repairs came to over 500 pounds in total. 修理费总共500多英镑。

■in touch 有联络,有最新消息

During the year she was abroad, they kept in touch by letter. 她在国外那年,他们以书信保持联络。

It worried me that she hadn’t been in touch for so long. 她好久没有音信,使我担心。

■in transit 在运输中,在途中

The contents of the packet have settled in transit. 小包装袋里的东西在运输中已经压实了。

If goods are lost in transit, the carrier will be liable for damages. 货物在运输途中丢失,承运人有责任赔偿。

■in trouble 陷入困境,倒霉

If we can’t keep to the schedule, we’ll be in trouble. 我们不按时完成计划就要倒霉了。

If I cop you cheating again you’ll be in trouble. 我要再发现你骗人,决不轻饶。

■in truth 事实上,的确

It was in truth a miracle. 这确实是个奇迹。

She did in truth lose her head. 她的确昏了头。

■in tune 调子准确,协调

He doesn’t sing in tune. 他唱歌不入调。

Someone in the choir isn’t singing in tune. 合唱团里有人唱得跟大家不合调。

■in turn 依次,替换地

They sang on the stage in turn. 他们依次在台上唱歌。

I spoke to each of the children in turn. 我跟孩子们逐一谈话。

■in use 在使用着

The line is in use. 电话占线。

The laboratory is in use until three o’clock. 实验室一直到3点钟都有人用。

■in view 在能看到的范围内;作为希望

There was not a person in view. 放眼望去一个人也没有。

He had his uncle’s bequest in view. 他希望继承叔父的遗产。

■in vogue 流行

Platform shoes are back in vogue. 厚底松糕鞋又流行起来了。

The short hemline is very much in vogue this spring. 今年春天短摆裙很流行。

■in want 在贫困中(www.hxen.com)

The widow is in want. 那寡妇生活贫困。

Many people live in want in that country. 那个国家里,许多人生活贫困。

■in work 有工作,在工作;在制作中

He was looking forward to being in work again. 他巴不得能再就业。

The studio has three films in work right now. 这家制片厂目前有3部片子在摄制。