discussion 的四点用法说明

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discussion 的四点用法说明

1. 表示“讨论”,若指一次讨论活动或一次讨论会等具体意义,是可数的。如:

We are having a discussion. 我们在讨论问题。

They entered into a long discussion. 他们开始一段长时间的讨论。


There is little time for discussion. 没有什么时间进行讨论了。

Further discussion would be pointless. 继续讨论是无意义的。

有时还可受some, much等的修饰。如:

The agenda was adopted after some discussion. 经过讨论,议事日程获得通过。

After much discussion they decided to accept our offer. 经过充分的讨论,他们决定接受我们开的价。

2. 其后接介词of,表示动宾关系;discussion of sth在意义上相当于discussing sth。如:

We started in on a discussion of the idea. 我们开始讨论那个意见。

She tends to sheer away from any discussion of her divorce. 一谈到她离婚的事她就尽量转换话题。

有时也接介词 on, about, over 等,含有“关于”的意味。如:

We had [held] a discussion with her about [over] it. 对此我们同她进行了讨论。

We had a long discussion about polities. 我们对政治问题进行了长时间的讨论。

3. 用于 under discussion(正在讨论中),其中不用限定词。如:

The plan is under discussion. =The plan is being discussed. 该计划正在讨论当中。

That has no relation to the matter under discussion. 这和讨论的问题没有关系。

4. 有时可置于名词前作定语。如:

Our discussion group is [are] meeting this week. 我们的讨论小组本周开会。

Dan Davies has been chosen to front a new discussion programme. 丹·戴维斯获任主持一个新的讨论节目。