发布时间:2022-04-15T11:18:05 英语语法


1. 表示一般性的努力(即表泛指意义),通常是不可数名词;表示一次一次具体的努力,通常是可数名词。如:

It requires a great effort of will to give up smoking. 戒烟需要坚强的毅力。

All my efforts ended in failure. 我所有的努力都失败了。

2. 表示“作出努力”,通常 make an effort 这样的形式,该结构中的不定冠词也可根据情况换成 another, every, one more, no 等限定词,但不能没有限定词。如:

He decided to make one more effort. 他决定再作一次努力。

She made every effort to be a good student. 她努力要做个好学生。


The prisoner made efforts to escape, but he failed. 那个犯人企图越狱,但没有成功。

3. 表示做某事的努力,其后通常接不定式,有时也用“at+动名词”。如:

He made every effort to get [at getting] it. 他竭尽全力想得到它。

His efforts to find [at finding] his daughter failed. 他设法要找到他女儿的努力失败了。

4. 注意以下短语的用法:

(1) spare no effort 不遗余力

They spared no effort to finish the duty. 他们不遗余力地完成这项任务。

We must spare no effort in maintaining social stability. 全力维护社会稳定。

(2) without effort 毫不费力

He did the work without effort. 他很轻松地就把工作做好了。

He lifted the heavy box without effort. 他毫不费力地举起 了那个重箱子。