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1. 表示陆军、空军或海军等的“军官”。如:

Army officers are well paid. 部队的军官收入高。

She is an officer in the Air Force. 她是一位空军军官。

2. 表示政府或大机构的“官员”“高级职员”。如:

Bank officers are well-paid. 银行高级职员薪金高。

We elect the Club’s officers at the first meeting of each year. 我们在每年的第一次会议上选举俱乐部官员。

有时可与official换用,如a public officer [official] 公务员,a government officer [official] 政府官员,等。

3. 表示“警察”,常用作称谓。如:

Yes, officer, I saw what happened. 是的,警察先生,我看到了发生的事。

A:Were you aware of the speed you were driving at, madam? 夫人,你有没有意识到你当时开车的速度?

B:No, officer. 没有,警官。

在美国英语中,可以与姓氏连用,表示警官头衔(a title for a police officer)。如:

Officer Clarke will show you where to go, sir. 先生,克拉克警官会给你指路的。

英语说police officer并不一定表示“警官”,在许多情况它就表示“警察”,英语词典对它的解释是a member of the police。如:

He was too short to become a police officer. 他因身材矮而不能当警察。