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1. 表示“运动”“游戏”“比赛”等,主要用于球类、棋类等需要一定规则(rules)而进行的活动,为可数名词。如:

Football is a game which doesn’t interest me. 足球是我不感兴趣的运动。

They won the first two games but lost the third. 前两局比赛他们赢了,但第3局却输了。

表示“一盘”“一场”等有关的游戏或比赛,可用a game of。如:

Let’s have a game of chess. 我们来下盘棋吧。

Come and play a game of bridge with us. 来跟我们一起打桥牌吧。

2. 表示“运动会”,尤其指国际性运动会,一般用复数形式。如:

She won a gold medal at the Olympic Games. 她在奥林匹克运动会上荣获一枚金牌。


The 1984 Olympic Games were [was] held in Los Angeles. 1984年奥运会在(美国)洛杉矶。

The Olympic Games begin with a parade of all the competing nations. 奥运会以所有参赛国列队进场开始。


She won the gold medal in the women’s marathon at this year’s Olympic Games. 她在今年奥运会女子马拉松赛跑中赢得金牌。

表示参加运动会,一般与动词take part in或participate in。如:

How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games? 上一届奥运会有多少个国家参加?