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I think everyone will have a busy and interesting weekend. now, let me introduce my busy weekend to you.

on Saturday morning, i am going to the bookstore. i’m going to buy some story-books and a chinese-english and english-chinese dictionary. i like reading story-books. i find them very interesting. then i am going home. my home is near the bookstore. so i am going by bike. i like riding my bike. in the evening, i am going to play piano. playing piano is my hobby.

on sunday morning, i am going to do my homework. now i am in grade six. i want to enter a good middle school next year. so i must study hard. in the afternoon, i am going shopping with my parents and my little brother. my mom says she is going to buy a pair of sneakers for me. i love going shopping. i think all of the girls like going shopping. am i right?

on sunday evening, i am going back to school by school bus. i love my weekend, how about you? tell me something about your weekend.







I had a busy weekend.on Saturday morning,i cleaned the room and washed the clothes.in the afternoon, i did my homework.it was a little difficult, on Saturday evening,i went to the movies.on sunday morning ,i went to the library to read a book about history.then in the afternoon ,i went to the beach.

on sunday night, i watched an interesting talk show.

what a busy but happy weekend i had!






My happy weekend

Hello! My name is Chen Ziyan. I had an interesting weekend. Saturday morning I did homework at home. In the afternoon I visited grandparents. In the evening I watched TV at home. The day was full.

Sunday morning. I read a book. In the afternoon, I went hiking . In the evening, I went to supermarket with my mother.

This was my last weekend, what about you ?







I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents' and my brother's. On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents' house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold. This was last weekend.




Hello! My name is Jerry. I’m nine years old. I’m in Grade 3 this year. I like playing football in my free time.

At the weekend, I often go to the park and play football with my father, mother and brother. We always have a good time.

At school, after class, I often play football with my friends in the school playground. We run and laugh, we pass the ball, and we kick the ball. We feel vey happy.

Playing football is a good kind of sport. It can make us strong and healthy. I like playing football very much.







At weekends, first, I have to finish my homework.

Second, after finishing my homework, I'll play games with my friends. We often play football, basketball and so on.

Third, sometimes I play computer for a short time. It appears to me that I like this way to spend my weekends.Because we should combine study and playing .

We shouldn't play all the time, neither should study. Only in this way, can we make ourself feel more happy. This is the way I spend my holiday-and and my opinion.

Im intersted in the way you spend your holiday. I hope you will write to me soon.






On Saturday.The weather was sunny.I got up at half past eight.After my washed face and brushed tooth,I did my homework from 9:00am to 4:00pm.My father came back at 4:30pm. I said to my father: “I want to see a movie The Lord of Rings with my-best friend ZhouXiang.”My father said : “No, you mustn’t,I will worry about you, and I think The Lord of Rings is very boring, But you can play on the computer for three hours.”I was very happy ,said: “Really?It is my interest,I enjoy it.You are my good father, I love you!”And I enjoyed myself at that time.

On Sunday.I was did some read.Reading is to exciting and made me pity with the writer.In the afternoon,I was watching TV.The animals world is very interesting.There are so many animals in it, such as monkeys, birds, snakes, foxes and so on,I think they are very cute.And I learned a lot of  knowledge. One of them is “The animals are important to us, they give us joy, Andrew share the world with them”. Aren’t you think my weekend very happy?


星期天,我读了一些书,看书很刺激,让我很同情作者。下午,我在看电视。动物世界很有趣。里面有很多动物,比如猴子,鸟,蛇,狐狸等等,我觉得它们很可爱。而且我学到了很多知识。其中之一是“动物对我们很重要,它们给我们带来快乐,安德鲁与它们分享世界”。 你不觉得我的周末很开心吗?



I'm a student.My weekend life is happy.I and my family often go mountain climbing, enjoy the fresh mountain air.I sometimes go and friends go shopping together.I like my weekend life.

Yesterday,I had a happy weekend.In those days,I read books in the sun on the moring ,it's so warm and comfortable .And I also played the piano for two hours.I enjoyed playing it .With my mother's permission I went to the park wit my friend and went shopping with her, oh how nice it was to play with friends .Of course,I watched TV in the evening like many others .At night,I had a so sweet dream, what a happy day it was.

Today is sunday .I am in hainan with my friends now.it is a sunny day,I got up early at Seven thirty,I watched a movie with my brother in the morning, it was a interesting film.And in the afternoon,I went swimming with my best friends .I was tired.But I was happy ,too.Uh...What a wonderful day it is!

I had a nice holiday in last weekend.My friend invited me to play table tennis with him.It was a relax sport.I would love it if there was no people smoking there, although the slogan on the wall shows no smoking.

In this weekend,I have a plan, if tomorrow is a sunny day.

Saturday morning,I am going to visit my grandparents.after lunch I have good friends and I go to the movies and football.At night,I can stay home and watch cartoons.

Sunday,I will go fishing with dad.After that I will go home to do my homework.

I hope this weekend I can live very happy!

Last weekend,I went to the city center with my mother.I saw many beautiful clothes.Mum bought a coat for me at last.She also brought me have much delicious food.Later,I went to the XinHua book shop.I chose some books for my study and my mum paid for them.We played happily.












Dear friends, I will tell you about my last weekend.

On last Saturday, my parents and I went to the Beishan park to play. First, we watched the flowers. Then, we climbed the mountains. Finally, we have flew the kite. We have played a morning. In the afternoon, we went to my grandparents family to visit my grandparents. Except me, other family members talked a lot. I played outside.In the evening, my parents and I took a train to go to Yanji to take part in a English Contest.

And on last Sunday,I went Yanji. I went to Yanji hotel to join the conpetation.I fell very happy.And at noon, we had lunch at KFC.The foods is tasty.I ate a lot.And in the afternoon, we went to the zoo to took some pictures.We played happily.And at three o'clock, we went home.I fell happy and tired.

What do you think of my last weekend?







Today is Sunday. I got up very early in the morning. After breakfast I went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a book Robinson Crusoe. I looked for the book for quite some time but couldn’t find it. the shop assistant then came to help me. I was very glad that I got the book at last.

In the afternoon I called on my friend Wang Lin. He just came back from Beijing. We talked a lot.

In the evening I watched an interesting play on TV. I enjoyed it very much. I had a wonderful time.