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I am going to have a wonderful weekend.My best friend invited me to her birthday Party which will not end until Saturday noon.Then, I will spend the rest of the day hanging out in the mall with my cousin.On Sunday, we are leaving for the country to visit my grandparents.I haven't visit them for a long time and I miss them very much.I really look forward to my weekend.



most people have their own plans for the weekend, especially our students。 for example, when play when homework! when cram schools, etc。, are included in the schedule。 occasionally, of course, the plan will be broken, people do not often any brains scheme can not change fast。

of course, i am no exception。 every friday night, i caught the mother came home, his shoes, voids, and quickly put the package lists a weekend plan to, in order to play for a computer。 often, i would think, if the learning so they must attack, so efforts to seize the moment, there is no need to worry good results? after the game had finished addiction, the mother began urging me homework, though only the span of a few minutes, my mother can not be let go。 ten p。m。 to half past ten, is back english time after time to turn off the lights to sleep。

Saturday morning, i usually wake up around 9:30。 because of lack of normal sleep time, the mother never asked me to get up early on Saturday。 about ten o'clock breakfast time, it was the most enjoyable time of my week, you can slowly savor every delicious cuisine, really comfortable ah。 after dinner,Saturday morning running, i had to pay close attention to re-seize。 after a while fired off letters math was only able to complete。

lunch are often ready and dad, this does not explain what that delicious dish burning who the father? !

afternoon, i usually scheduled after the completion of all jobs in the teacher assigned, practice your calligraphy, and then back a few english words, there is time then to draw their favorite cartoon or see little interesting extracurricular books。 if that Saturday is indeed ample time, our family will go to the cinema to see a wonderful movie easily easily。

we arrived on sunday, i planned did not complete the good of all the subjects re-checking and correction, prepare for the next day to go to school。 this week, sick mother lying next to me, i'm at the table and reminiscing while thinking about writing this article。

my weekend is so nervous, so fulfilling, so too wonderful。


当然,我也不例外。每个星期五晚上,我都抓到妈妈回家,他的鞋子,破洞,赶紧把包里的清单列一个周末的计划,为了玩电脑。经常,我会想,如果学习所以一定要出击,所以努力抓紧时间,有没有必要担心好成绩?游戏完瘾后,妈妈开始催我做作业,虽然只有几分钟的时间,妈妈还是放不下。 晚上十点到十点半,一次次回到英语关掉开灯睡觉。


午饭经常和爸爸准备好,这还不能说明爸爸烧的那道好吃的菜是什么? !





I didn’t finish my work today. I didn’t write the english dairy. my mother was very angry because she has keen me to get ahead in the career. i know that she is good for me, but i don’t know how to say now. may be i lacks confidence in myself. now i am writing my english now. from now on i will force myself to practice english and do exercise. i hope i can be turn better tomorrow.

today i knew a new word: practices makes perfect.




Last Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I felt tired because I didn't sleep well last night.

After I had breakfast, I decided to stay home. So I called my friend to ask her if she could come to my home and we could play video games. She said yes. After one hour, she came to my home. We played my favorite games. We really enjoyed it.

We had a good day.





I had a very busy weekend. On Saturday morning. I do my homework and went to the math cram school. In the afternoon. I played. Basketball and played with my friends. In the evening. I watched TV. On Sunday morning. I cleaned my room at home. In the afternoon, I went. To English cram school. At Sunday I readed some books.

This is my weekend. What is your weekend.




I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents and my brothers. On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold. This was last weekend.



I was very happy last weekend.

Get up at seven o'clock on Saturday morning for breakfast. I do my homework in the afternoon, but I prefer to play computer games. Watch TV after dinner in the evening.

Wake up for breakfast on Sunday morning, and go shopping with friends in the afternoon. Then go home with his parents.

I am very happy on the weekend.






What do you usually do at weekends?Well,Id like to tell you something about my weekends.

My weekends are busy and happy.At weekends I must go to learn Olympic Maths and English.After these,I can do anything that I like.Sometimes I do my homework.Sometimes I go shopping with my mum and sometimes I go out to play with my friends.If I have time,I must play computer.I go online to have a talk with my friends by QQ.I always feed my QQpet so,it has a high grade.Sometimes I dress up my blog and make some friends on it.

I like my weekends.I hope everyday is weekend!





My last weekend is very busy.On Saturday morning, my mom went shopping with me.

I am visited grandmother.Because today is grandmas birthday.

We cook the meals together.

In the evening, mom went home with me.

On Sunday morning, Im did homework and played computer games.

In the afternoon,Im went to a park.This is my last weekend.What about you?








Im have a busy weekend.

On Sturday, Im going to the bookstore with my mother . We are going to buy some books. Then were going to eat breakfast. On Sunday .Im going to visit my grandparents with my father, mother and brother. Then were going to the park .that well be fun !

What about you?

What are you going to do this weekend?

Can you tell me?