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Since we were born as a little baby, we get help from others all the time. Our parents raise us, our teachers teach us and our friends company us. Therefore, it’s important for us to be grateful to those people who give us a hand. Being grateful is a way to show them our appreciation and our love. No one in the world is supposed to love us without any conditions. Moreover, Being grateful to others and to what you get can lead you are ready to help others, too. I think this is the most important impact on people that being grateful. If we are all show our appreciation to others and then help others, we could build a friendly and harmonious society.



Thanksgiving Day is celebrated by Americans and more and more people join this festival. This day reminds people of the grateful heart. The coming of Thanksgiving Day comes back to the 17th century. At that time, about 100 people were driven out of UK and they were sent to the wasted land by the ship called May Flower. The local people taught them how to survive and then the first American were formed. In order to show gratitude to the Indians, American people named a day to celebrate it. It can also teach children to be grateful all the time for the things and the happiness they own.

美国人庆祝感恩节,越来越多的人加入这个节日。这一天提醒人们感恩的心。感恩节的到来要追溯到17世纪。当时约有100人被赶出英国,被一艘名为May Flower的船送往荒地。当地人教他们如何生存,然后形成了第一个美国人。为了表达对印第安人的感激之情,美国人民指定了一个日子来庆祝。它还可以教孩子们一直对自己拥有的事物和幸福心存感激。


Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It is the most truly American of the national Holidays in the United States. It is a time for sharing. In the United States, it is their tradition that family members get together for a reunion to have a traditional big dinner. On the dinner table, people will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. There will be plum pudding, mince pie, other varieties of food and cranberry juice and squash. The best and most attractive among them are roast turkey and pumpkin pie. Although it is the traditional festival of America, it reminds us of appreciation.

Recently, I saw a piece of news on the newspaper. This news has a picture matched. The picture shows that a young lady sitting on the seat of a bus. But it is strange that an old lady sits on the leg of the young lady, which there are still many empty seats on the bus. I am totally moved after reading this news. The old lady is the mother of the young lady. The old lady had some problem with her back and leg that she couldn’t sit independently. And her daughter does not want to see her mother stand on the bus in such an old lady, so I see situation on the picture. Having read this, my eyes become wet. When we are young, our mother will often carry us if there is any inconvenient, but when our mother gets old, we seldom carry her.

The ancients had a saying: dripping, the smallest favor. In this world, there are many people who grace to us. Our parents are the two people who give us most grace. When we grow up, we need to say our thanks to them. As far as I am concerned, thanks the people do good to us, especially our parents should be the theme of our Chinese Thanksgiving Day.





Every year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a festival for American and Canadian with the purpose of thanks for harvest. While canadians celebrate on the second Monday of October. I have a penfriend in America. He wrote to me his Thanksgiving Day last year. He told me that it was a time for family reunion. Families would come back home to celebrate the festival together. Most of the time it was his mother who prepared the dinner. Turkey is must for the festival. It looks like huge chicken. His mother also made pumpkin pie and many other delicious food for them. After the dinner, they talked with each other with the old thing or the future plan. He said sometimes they would invite some friends to share the happiness of Thanksgiving Day. In a word, he had a great time on Thanksgiving Day.



Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December. Thanksgiving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will make a big turkey to eat. The day is to in honor of Indian people’s great kindness. A long time ago, some puritans took the boat May Flower to Americafor freedom, but they suffered from starvation and illness, the Indian people helped them, gave them food and treat them. The puritan planted something, they were eager to have good harvest, at last, they got it and felt very grateful to God and the Indian people, so they decided to make a day to remember this and show gratitude.