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1、little和a little的运用

-Would you like some tea?

-No,thanks. T here is a little in the cup.

T here is little water in the bottle,you need to get some.

句中little和a little修饰或代替不可数名词。Little表示否定,相当于not much;not enough,意为“几乎没有”;a little表示肯定意为“有点,有些”。

a little还常用来修饰形容词、副词、动词,也可以修饰形容词或副词的比较级。如:

I work for 4 hours, so I feel a little tired.

My sister get up earlier than I. But she get to school a little later than I. Because she runs more slowly than I.

2、few和a few的运用

He is a man of few words. But we all like him, he is a kind-hearted man.

There are a few bottles of milk here, you don’t have to buy now.

句中few和a few修饰可数名词,后接可数名词复数;也可用来代替复数名词。few的意思是“很少”,“几乎没有”,含有否定意味;a few则是肯定的,表示“少数几个”,“有些”,与some意思比较接近。


only a few (=few) not a few (=many) quite a few (=many)

many a (=many)

Many books were sold.

Many a book was sold.


Although he 's wealthy,he spends___ on clothes.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

答案: A. spend所指的是钱,不可数,只能用little或 a little. 本句为although引导的让步状语从句,由句意知后句为否定含义,因此应用little表示几乎不。


1、 little修饰不可数名词,表示“量”.

2、 little含否定意义(反义词:much);a little含肯定意义(反义词:none).

3、 在非正式英语中,一般很少用little,常用not much,only a little来代替,如:

We haven’t got much money / time.