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例句: I don't like the thought of you walking home alone.我不喜欢你一个人步行回家。

例句:My thoughts turned to home.我想家了。

例句:A good teacher encourages independence of thought.好的教师鼓励独立思考。

例句:I've given the matter careful thought.我对这件事认真考虑过了。

例句:Spare a thought for those without enough to eat this winter.请关心一下今冬食不果腹的人。


1、have second thoughts

(经考虑后)改变想法;(转念一想)改变主意 to change your opinion after thinking about sth again

2、on second thoughts

(表示已改变想法)又一想,转念一想 used to say that you have changed your opinion

例句:I'll wait here. No, on second thoughts, I'll come with you.

3、collect yourself/your thoughts(尽力)镇定下来,敛神专注

例句:She paused to collect her thoughts before entering the interview room.


4、without a second thought

立即;马上;不假思索 immediately; without stopping to think about sth further

例句:He dived in after her without a second thought.

5、a penny for your thoughts、a penny for them

(saying) (用于询问别人想什么)你在呆呆地寻思什么呢 used to ask sb what they are thinking about

6、food for thought引人深思的想法 an idea that makes you think seriously and carefully

7、perish the thought(informal) (用于拒绝一项建议或希望某事永不发生)没门儿,甭想了,下辈子吧 used to say that you find a suggestion unacceptable or that you hope that sth will never happen