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station 的词态变化

复数: stations;第三人称单数: stations;过去式: stationed;过去分词: stationed;现在分词: stationing;

station 的词语用法

n. (名词)station用作可数名词的基本意思是“车站”,一般指火车站,是可数名词。表示“在某火车站”时常用介词at。特指“某个车站”时专有名词在前, station在后,专有名词前通常不用定冠词the,且首字母都大写。


v. (动词)station作动词的意思是“驻扎; 安置”,一般指部队驻扎在某地,是及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语,并常用于被动结构。

station 的参考例句

We must change at the next station for Chicago.我们得在下一站换车去芝加哥.

The stranger asked me to direct him to the station.这位陌生人要我指示他去火车站的方向.

I wanted to go to the station, but I was misdirected.我要到火车站去, 但别人给我指错了方向.

There are only five minutes to go. You might just manage to get to the station, but you're cutting it rather fine.只有五分钟了, 你可以赶到车站, 但时间确实太紧了.

station 的真题示例

That approach will eliminate most cord-cutting concerns—but what about their wireless equivalent, jamming? With the right device tuned to the right frequency, what's to stop a thief from jamming your setup and blocking that alert signal from ever reaching the base station?Jamming concerns are nothing new, and they're not unique to security systems.出自-2016年12月