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复数: fashions

第三人称单数: fashions

过去式: fashioned

过去分词: fashioned

现在分词: fashioning


1、Old fashion tools still work best .老旧时尚工具仍然效果最佳。

2、The show began in an otherwise promising fashion .不过当晚的发布会还是以一种非常成功的方式开始。

3、This means that you should fashion the look and feel of your interface for your audience .这就是说,你应该为了你的用户来包装你的界面的的外观和风格。

4、They discovered that they could shear sheep, take the wool, weave it and fashion the material into warm coats and suits,.他们发现他们能够剪羊毛 、 纺绒线、织成毛料, 然后把毛料做成暖和的衣服.

5、They were in fashion last year and the year befor last year. But they're not in fashion this year.它们(指鞋子)去年以及前年是时兴的, 但是今年不时兴了.

6、The fabrics are sold wholesale to retailers, fashion houses, and other manufacturers.这些纺织品被批发给零售商、时装店和其他制造商。

7、The aeroplane was gyrating about the sky in a most unpleasant fashion.飞机在空中盘旋,令人不堪忍受。

8、The buildings in this area are laid out in an orderly fashion.这一片建筑物的布局十分规则.

9、Individualism has been the secret ingredient in developing his chain of fashion stores.讲求个性化是他发展时装连锁店的一大秘诀.

10、Catching to fashion is not essential to the happiness of all women.赶时髦对所有妇女的幸福并非都是必要的.

11、This shirt is great for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement .要求着装独树一帜的人穿这件衬衫最合适。