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one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year

a time unit of approximately 30 days


month n. 1.[C]月,月份 2.[C]约30天的时间 3.[pl.]数月,很长时间

man month 人月

fence month 【法】 禁猎期, 禁渔期


this month 本月

for month 好几个月以来

month in month out 月月, 每月

What month is next month 下个月是几月

month in and month out adv.月月

month by month adv.逐月

month after month 一月又一月

month in,month out 月月,每月

by the month 按月

month by month correlation 月相关


1、One way and another I'm going to finish this work before the end of the month.无论如何,我打算在本月完成这项工作.

2、The butcher shop will bill me for the meat I bought this month.肉店将把我这个月所买的肉钱开帐单给我.

3、He's beginning to feel his feet now that he's been working here over a month.他在这儿已经干了一个多月,开始有些信心了.

4、Have you ordered in enough envelopes this month?这月你订足信封了 吗 ?

5、According to informed sources, a takeover bid is planned for next month.据消息灵通人士透露, 收购建议计划在下月作出.

6、They slapped the movie together in a month.他们花了一个月时间草率地拍成了那部电影.

7、December is the twelfth month of the year.12月是一年中的第12个月.

8、The reconstruction of the Town Hall is scheduled to start next month.市政厅的重建计划于下月开始.

9、Part of the new plant is now in operation and the remainder will be on stream later this month.新工厂现已部分开工,其余部分在本月底前将全力投入生产.

10、For the past month or more, she had been unusually happy and had been really throwing herself into her work.在最近的一个多月里, 她异乎寻常地快乐,工作也做得勤快.