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英 ['klæsɪk]     美 ['klæsɪk]


adj. (形容词)

[A](著作、赛事等)最优秀的,(可作)典范的 (work, game, etc.) having a high quality that is recognized and unquestioned; of lasting value and importance

[A](病例等)典型的,标准的 (case of illness, etc.) very typical

[A](衣服、设计等)传统式样的,典雅的 (clothes, designs, etc.)having a simple traditional style that is not affected by changes in fashion; simple; classical

[A](因为时已久)著名的; 传统的 famous through being long established

n. (名词)

[C]文豪,大艺术家; 文学名著,经典作品,杰作 writer, artist or work of art recognized as being of high quality and lasting value

[C]优秀的典范 outstanding example of its kind


classic travel route 经典线路 classic orders 古典柱型 classic music 古典音乐 classic revival 古典复兴式 classic architecture 古典建筑 classic style 古典派风格 classic position 高手姿势 classic races 传统赛马(英国的五大... senior classic 古典语文成绩最好的学... classic ground 文艺胜地


1、A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite English classic.《双城记》是我最喜爱的英国文学名著。

2、The novel is regarded as one of the classic work.这篇小说被公认为是最优秀的作品之一。

3、It is a classic style of Gothic buildings.这是哥特式建筑的典型样式。

4、The idea of a classic is historically bound up with the view.从历史上来看,古典的想法和这个观点有着密切的联系。

5、The temple has been considered an example of classic design.人们认为这座神庙是古典式设计的范例。

6、The novel is regarded as one of the classic works.这篇小说被公认为是最优秀的作品之一。

7、"War and Peace" is a literary classic.《战争与和平》是一部经典文学著作。

8、I studied Classics at university.我在大学学习古希腊罗马的语言文学。

9、The old gentleman had on a classic suit.那位老年绅士穿著一套古朴的传统服装。