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entire 的记忆技巧:

en 进入…之中 + tir 拉,引 + e ——拉进去——不遗留在外——完整的;

entire 的短语搭配:

entire length 全长;

Entire drawing 整个图形;

entire contract 不可分合同,完全合同,不可分割;

Entire File 整个文件,翻译,整个文件英语;

Entire Network 整个网络,全部网络;

entire fairness 完全公平,完全公正原则,彻底公平,完全公平标准;

entire life 一生一世,整个生命,总使用期限;

Entire Postcard 实寄片;

entire 的英文例句及翻译:

1. Latest reports say that mud slides buried entire villages.


2. It prompts you to upload a file, which will be your entire IEPD as a zip file.


3. Individual programs and the entire organization benefit from specifying the program in terms of changes from the as-is enterprise state.


4. Depending on your needs, an entire project can be migrated, or you can select test artifacts for migration.


5. The entire language parser has been summed up in two productions.


6. Systemwide integrated testing of the line will be completed once the entire infrastructure is complete.


7. By upholding the principle "to each according to his work" and by recognizing material interests we intend to increase the material well-being of the entire people.