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bless 的发音:

bless 的英式发音是[bles],美式发音是[bles]。

bless 的词形变化:

bless 的第三人称单数形式是blesses,现在分词形式是blessing,过去式形式是blessed,过去分词形式是blessed。

bless 的英文解释:

give a benediction to;

render holy by means of religious rites;

make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection;

confer prosperity or happiness on;

bless 的短语搭配:

Bless her 祝福她,她祝福,保佑她;

Bless Water 祝福圣水,祝福水;

Bless Song 祝福歌;

bless all 保佑所有,祝福所有;

Can bless 只能祝福;

Bless goll 衷心赞美;

Bless his 祝福自己,恳求;

bless 的英文例句及翻译:

1. I thank God I have you, my children in this special day, I bless you.


2. In love you gave us a government in order to bless our nation with peace and security.


3. I bless this kingdom for all of its wisdom and for its willingness to share this wisdom with us.


4. And speaking of family, have you decided to bless our sacred union?


5. Dear Lord, we thank thee for this food, please bless it for our use, Amen.


6. God bless you and yours, and surround you ever with his blessing.


7. But I am not at your side, I can only bless you quietly.