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behavior 的记忆技巧:

be 使… + hav 拥有 + ior,behave 的名词 —— 举止行为;

behavior 的英文翻译:

manner of acting or controlling yourself;

the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation;

the way a person behaves toward other people;

the action or reaction of something;

behavior 的英文翻译:

role behavior 角色行为;

Cost behavior 成本习性,成本性态,成本行为;

helping behavior 助人行为,帮助行为;

instinctive behavior 本能行为;

Organization Behavior 组织行为学, 组织行为;

Animal Behavior 动物行为,动物行为学,家畜行为;

Herd behavior 羊群行为,羊群效应,从众行为, 追风行为;

collective behavior 集合行为,集体行为,集群行为,群体行为;

social behavior 社会行为,社会性行为,社群行为,社交性;

behavior 的英文例句及翻译:

1. Parents worry about the effect of music on their adolescent's behavior.


2. Her behavior this week has solidified her support within the Department of Justice.


3. Language is not art but both are forms of human behavior.


4. Occasionally his behavior became so uncontrollable that he had to be placed in a straitjacket.


5. We also focus on positive social values and behavior models which is a necessary part of their childhood development.


6. Her behavior underlined her contempt for him.