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encounter 的发音:

encounter 的英式发音是[ɪnˈkaʊntə(r)],美式发音是[ɪnˈkaʊntər]。

encounter 的词形变化:


encounter 的英文解释:

a casual meeting with a person or thing;

a minor short-term fight;

a casual or unexpected convergence;

a hostile disagreement face-to-face;

encounter 的短语搭配:

enigmatic encounter 谜一般的遭遇,神秘际遇;

encounter radius 会遇半径;

Inexplicable Encounter 令人费解的遭遇;

Mist Encounter 迷雾重重;

Berlin encounter 柏林一瞥,柏林旅游手册;

Encounter Groups 会心团体,心小组,病友治疗小组;

encounter danger 遇到危险,遇到时,遇到险境,详细翻译;

encounter complex 遭遇络合物,络合物,相遇复合物,先驱络合物;

encounter group 会心团体,交朋友小组,交友小组,所创立的会心群体;

encounter 的英文例句及翻译:

1. The author tells of a remarkable encounter with a group of South Vietnamese soldiers.


2. In high school, I was very unpopular, and I did encounter a little prejudice.


3. You'll have little patience with the hypocrisy and double standards you encounter.


4. A fortunate encounter brought the two friends together after a long separation.


5. My working days were spent mooning round his department, trying to sneak a chance encounter.